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Cocoon Vehicles are based in Derby, in the middle of the UK and offer delivery free of charge in England & Wales. They have been offering a car subscription service since 2007 and are very well established in the car subscription industry.

Cocoon Vehicles offers flexible car subscriptions from 1 month up to 12 months and has a bank of at least 200 in-stock vehicles, which seems to be much higher than other providers. These are from a range of manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo, as well as many more premium higher-end brands.

Cocoon’s subscription service includes maintenance, road fund licence, breakdown cover, and manufacturers warranty. All customer needs to do is fuel and insure their vehicles, which they feel works out cheaper than one that offers an inclusive package.

Cocoon Vehicles Car Subscriptions

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

How it Works

Cocoon Vehicles have a simple process to cater to business customers or individuals:

  • Select the car type
  • Select the mileage allowance
  • Select the length (where required)
  • Get prices and apply online
  • Send off ID documents for approval
  • Arrange deposit, book and arrange delivery, which is free in England & Wales.

Cars can be collected from their specified fleet centre or can be delivered. Depending on the package taken, delivery can be free but you need to take the vehicle for at least 90 days and the documentation is payable. You are able to send the vehicle back before the 90 days but a higher rental may be charged and the delivery cost would be incured.

Customers can pause, upgrade or downgrade at any time and give 5 days notice to swap their cars. Subscriptions are available for 18 year olds and over., full UK driving licence is required.

Costs and Fees

Depending on the mileage required, costs are quite reasonable and the standard mileage included within their car subscription packages tends to be higher than other providers.

Initial rentals vary depending on the product taken, flexileases, long-term car hire and car subscriptions are just one payment down and refundable deposits are subject to status and/or car.

They also offer short-term car leases and offer different payment profiles depending on if you want to put more money down.

They offer the best prices when car subscriptions are taken from 90 days or more.

Brands and Models

Cocoon Vehicles offers a wide range of vehicles on its car subscription service, these include:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Land Rover
  • Jaguar
  • Polestar
  • Porsche
  • SEAT
  • Skoda
  • Tesla
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

There are also a number of van subscriptions, short-term van leases and some electric/hybrid options. Cocoon also specialises in premium, performance and prestige brands.

Notice Periods

For pauses, upgrades and downgrades on a monthly rolling contract, Cocoon Vehicles requires 5 working days notice and you only pay for the time in the vehicle.

Cocoon is also quite clear and upfront about their in-contract fees for PCN admin charges, VE103B and late payment fees, displaying all of their in-contract charges on their website.

Comments about Subscription Provider

Cocoon Vehicles is one of the oldest car subscription companies in the UK, established in 2007. They value customer service and they are family-run.

They make it extremely easy to get a car subscription and their application process is quick and can be done in a few clicks.

They can also turn a car around quickly so if you need a quick vehicle, Cocoon Vehicles will help you out.

They also have one of the widest range of vehicles available in the car subscription marketplace, with access to over 200 vehicles. They also offer other services such as short-term car leases, short-term van leases and a service where they do the long-term car lease shopping for you.

Cocoon also offers incentives for subscriptions over 90 days with free delivery in England & Wales (Scotland additional) when the Documentation Fee has been paid.

Cocoon offers subscriptions to both business and personal customers.

Social Media Channels

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Cocoon Vehicles offers a wide range of car subscription options and vehicles to suit most monthly budgets.

They have quite low deposits and vehicles are open to everyone including those classed as new start businesses or ExPat‘s.

They make upgrades and downgrades really easy and cars can be turned around really quickly they also only charge you for the time in the vehicle, unlike other car subscription companies.

Customer Reviews


I just want to say that I have been a customer of Cocoon Vehicle's for over a year now and they have been fantastic to work with. They truly understand the needs of their customer and are able to act quickly. I have renewed with them a couple of times now because they are flexible, agile and are able to act fast for specific requirements. Thank you Rebecca, Rhys, Rebekah and the entire team! They are also great with answering any questions or helping with challenges faced/discrepancies. Always a pleasure to work with and look forward to continuing to work together.

Rating:  5/5


I was looking for a long term car rental for work and found a few companies but when I sent some enquiry e-mails, no reply. I finally managed to find Cocoon vehicles and their service was fantastic. Always quick response to my e-mails. We’ve got a car delivered without any problem what so ever. I highly recommend Cocoon Vehicles if you are looking for a long term rental car.

Rating:  5/5


Brilliant service from start to finish on a short-term lease (9 months). Would definitely recommend to friends and rent from again in the future. Thanks again for your help!

Rating:  5/5

Robb Parry

Excellent Service throughout the contract. Very competitive and flexible service company.

Rating:  5/5


Just picked up my car last week and I’m over the moon. Service has been amazing from start to finish, everyone I have spoken to have been extremely helpful informative and very pleasant to deal with. I’d definitely recommend!!!

Rating:  5/5

Barbara Taylor

Everything was done very efficiently from when I made the first contact to taking delivery of the car a week later. I dealt with Katie Higginbottom who was most helpful, both via email and on the telephone, answering the various questions I had. Am very pleased with the car and the service I was given. Would definitely recommend to someone who wanted to lease rather than buy. Like

Rating:  5/5


Rebecca and the team at Cocoon have been fantastic - the quality of the service is exceptional. Cocoon has the best choice of vehicles, a simple application process, pro-active communications, and an excellent delivery team - altogether my experience with the Cocoon team has been brilliant. Highly recommended. Tom, Bristol.

Rating:  5/5

Mark McDermott

I just wanted to compliment Katie and the team at Cocoon in Derby on the speed and the efficiency of the delivery and the collection of both cars and the quality of the new car is fabulous thank you very much for organising this for me.

Rating:  5/5

Rachel Ashton

Great people to deal with, good communication and good value. I would recommend!

Rating:  5/5

Jamie Wyatt

Fantastic service and always very transparent and accommodating. Communication is superb. We started using Cocoon after a negative experience with another supplier - whilst Cocoon are slightly more expensive than our previous supplier, it is definitely worth it for the hassle free experience (we were pulling our hair out at the lack of communication and service received from our old supplier). We have had around a dozen cars from them over the last 9 months without any issues at all. We will continue using and would definitely recommend to others!

Rating:  5/5

Mark McDermott (Filtered Water Coolers)

I just wanted to compliment Katie and the team at Cocoon in Derby on the speed and the efficiency of the delivery and the collection of both cars and the quality of the new car is fabulous thank you very much for organising this for me.

Rating:  5/5

Maggi Thakur

Great, friendly service. Highly recommended. Answered all my questions no matter how basic. Thank you!

Rating:  5/5

Qasim Arshad

Very helpful and friendly service provided by Rebecca and the team at Cocoon Vehicles. Good communication whether via email or phone and quick, hassle free exchange of documents. Would definitely recommend!

Rating:  5/5

Amish Patel

Great company to work with. Rebecca and the team are really friendly and accommodating to your requests. I ordered a car with Cocoon and it was delivered the next day. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new car on lease.

Rating:  5/5

Michael Veit

Great experience and great service

Rating:  5/5

Yan Whittaker

Absulute disgrace of a company. Paul is under the impression he can talk to customers as he pleases. We got a vw transporter off them 7 months ago to use as a window cleaning van (they where aware of what we was using it for). As you can imagine after 7 months of use it has a few scratches. Now I've just been informed that they think there is loads more damage !! I think not.

Rating:  1/5

Chris G

Excellent company. Fabulous service. Special mention to Rebecca Adams for so seamlessly moving me from one vehicle to the next.

Rating:  5/5

Paul Lilley

Rebecca and her team are extremely helpful. The flexibility of their offering can also come in very useful when plans change, like they have over the last 18 months. Happy to recommend them.

Rating:  5/5

Jonathan Berney

First rate team at Cocoon. Rebecca is super customer friendly and focused and whole team has the same ethos - car is perfect and just what we needed with extremely flexible and rapid availability Thks

Rating:  5/5

Alicia Whetton

We contacted Cocoon with requirements for some last minute vehicles to be leased. Rebecca was amazing with quick responses and doing her best to get everything processed quickly. Rhys was also a great help, answering queries professionally and quickly. They accommodated our needs no problem, which was brilliant. Can't fault them! Thank you so much! from LMG

Rating:  5/5

Steve Faulkner

Cocoon were very friendly fast and efficient . A very professional service . Becca and Rhys worked with me to get me what I needed before the Christmas break . Everything was done and I had the car delivered in less than a week. Thanks Guys . Excellent Service !

Rating:  5/5

Tom Sheppard

Amazing service from the team. Rebecca has been superb. From start to finish it took 4 working days to get me in my new car. Car was brand new and all as expected. Would highly recommend for short term leases, the flexibility Cocoon offer is fantastic at a fair price

Rating:  5/5

Matt Stone

The Cocoon Team were extremely efficient in arranging a short term lease vehicle for my business. The documentation was quick and simple to complete and the team were very helpful and knowledgeable on the phone. The vehicle was delivered on time and in the condition you would expect. All in all a first class service.

Rating:  5/5

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