Drover is a car subscription provider that has a huge range of vehicles. They have vehicles from £300 which include the rental, maintenance, breakdown assistance and road fund licence. Insurance is now optional and it is possible to provide your own.

Drover is paperfree and you are required to upload your ID and documents to their online portal. They also offer a part exchange service.

Drover also operate a PCO subscription service which is ideal for Uber Drivers.

Drover Website



How it Works

Drovers system to get going is really slick and easy to use:

  • SIgnup and create an account online
  • Upload ID and Proof of Address
  • E-Sign contracts and documents
  • Choose your car and your mileage package
  • Cars are delivered and the rental and joining fee is processed.
  • They require 7 days notice to change

Costs & Fees

Drover currently charges a fee of £249 to join their car subscription programme, but this is a one off.

If you receive a PCN or a Speeding Ticket, Drover currently charge £20 to process these into your name.

Mileage packages range from 800 miles to 2000 miles, its important that you pick a package that works for you as excess mileage is charged.

Brands & Models

Drover have one of the widest ranges of car subscription car brands such as: Audi, BMW, Citroen, DS, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo.

Notice Periods

Drover requires 7 days to end the vehicle before the end of the month. If you don’t, Drover will charge an additional month. They do have minimum terms on some of their vehicles which can be quite misleading. Should a vehicle come back early a termination charge of 20% of the outstanding rentals is payable.

Comments about Drover

Drover offers one of the largest range of cars on car subscriptions, these are from partners and not directly from Drover, although their partner Fantastic Cars Ltd is operated by the CEO. Their online systems are really good and look at customers for all credit statuses.

Insurance is now optional and is a good way to shop the market.

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Conclusion on Drover

Drover offer a wide range of car subscription vehicles and include vehicles for PCO drivers, ready to use for Uber. Their system is slick and easy to use and they are quite relaxed on their credit checking.

Additional Info

Brands Available

- Abarth
- Audi
- Citroen
- DS
- Fiat
- Ford
- Hyundai
- Jaguar
- Land Rover
- Lexus
- Mercedes-Benz
- Nissan
- Peugeot
- Renault
- Toyota
- Vauxhall
- Volkswagen
- Volvo

Prices From


Initial Fee


New Vehicles Available

Used Vehicles Available

Private Customers

Business Customers

Age Restrictions

Over 22

Switch Car Easily

Pause & Restart

Notice Period

7 Days

Minimum Term

1 Month

Maximum Monthly Mileage


Customer Reviews

Lee Durbin / Customer service is appalling. You can not speak to anyone, helpline is not answered. Will only email but doesn’t answer emails being replied back to Drover. Very frustrating. Standards pre written emails used. / 1/5

Daniel Robertson / Really happy with the service I have had right from the off. Andrada was really helpful and replied quickly to emails. They delivered the car a day late (I think it may have run out of battery on the way) but enterprise turned up with a hire car to ensure i wasn’t stranded. The chap who delivered the car (wish I could remember his name) was fantastic. Rang on the way with an eta and had it cleaned before handover. Was immaculate (had only done 300miles most of that on the way to being delivered 1.5 times I assume 😂). The handover was brilliant. He cleaned everything down with disinfectant wipes and wore a mask at all times. Very knowledgeable about the car and the practicalities of charging, the apps to use etc. Had follow up emails making sure everything was ok etc. The only thing that would have been nice would be if it came with a 3-pin to type 2 charger cable. Being my first electric car and the lead time on fitting a home charger it would certainly be helpful and will mean I have to buy one at >£150. I will certainly be recommending drover to other people. It’s nice that I can try a car for 9 months knowing if I don’t like it, it’s not forever and without the hassle of part exchange etc. Thanks again for everything / 5/5

David Ridout / Fantastic service. From initially enquiring through to arranging everything it’s was so easy. Friendly. Helpful. Will go out of their way to hell you in any way they can. Such an easy way to get an ‘all in’ car with no hassle. Will definitely use again and am recommending to all my friends. / 5/5

Lauren Tiller / From start to finish everything was so easy and communication was top quality! Emails were answered straight and every question dealt with efficiently. The service I received was incredible and I am over the moon with my new car and the service I received. Would totally recommend! Thanks drover / 5/5

Monie Love / I took out a 24 month subscription with Drover. They recently wrote to me that the car has been recalled. It then meant that my subscription came to end a whole year early. The first email said that they will replace car for duration of my subscription. This was then later changed that it will be treated as a new subscription and new checks will have to be made. I just think its so unfair I had an agreement and now I am being told I need to do a new subscription and pass approvals. Not okay at all. It just seems I can't have peace of mind with them now. Such an inconvenience now I have less than two weeks to get a car elsewhere. Just so stressful. I won't recommend them / 2/5

Chris / First vehicle that was supplied by drover arrived with a damaged rear bumper and covered in mud inside. Was offered £50 credit off my next payment to cover the cost of a valet. After refusing the offer and threatening legal action, drover then offered to replace the vehicle. Second vehicle was due to be delivered before 1pm on the delivery day, no sign of it by 1.30pm. After contacting drover they couldn't help and couldn't even confirm if the vehicle was on route, it finally arrived at 3.30pm. Second vehicle that was supplied then developed a serious electrical fault, leaving me unable to drive it. After contacting their maintenance/service team, they were unable to book the vehicle in for repairs for at least 2 months? Had to raise an official complaint with a different team, which left me without a vehicle for three days. After threatening legal action, again, drover finally agreed to replace the vehicle, again. Took another week for drover to arrange delivery of the second replacement vehicle. Again, leaving me with no vehicle to drive. The day before the new vehicle was due to arrive, the delivery was cancelled. No explanation, just cancelled. New delivery date was arranged, but due to work commitments I had to cancel. Then received an email from drover telling me I would owe them a £150 cancellation fee if I change the delivery date, plus extra charges for the current faulty vehicle to extend my subscription? After two days of emailing and telephone conversations, the customer service agent finally admitted he hadn't bothered to read the history notes on the complaint and I shouldn't have been threatened with a cancellation fee or charges to extend the subscription on a vehicle that couldn't be driven. Finally agreed a new delivery date for the replacement vehicle, which was now close to three weeks since the original vehicle developed a fault (in which time I was still being charged a subscription fee, but unable to use the vehicle). The delivery was agreed during the phone call for a Saturday AM delivery slot, only for me to receive an email to confirm the vehicle would be delivered on a PM slot. At this point I had lost all faith and cancelled the subscription completely and took my business elsewhere. I managed to get another vehicle delivered from another company within 24 hours of contacting them. The faulty vehicle still needed to be collected. Booked more time off work to allow the vehicle to be collected. Drover representative arrived at my door to collect the vehicle, with the intention of being able to drive it back to their depot? After explaining that the vehicle was faulty and dangerous to drive, the drover collection person made a phone call to their office who said they were unaware of the fault and refused to collect it. Left me waiting for contact from drover to have the vehicle collected properly. I then received a random phone call 4 days later from a logistics driver to say he was outside my property waiting to load the vehicle onto his low-loader, why wasn't I there? Absolutely no prior communication from drover to book this collection in. I've now received an email from drover stating I owe £72 in damages for scratches to the vehicle. I can hand on heart say that vehicle left my property in immaculate condition, and I have a copy of the signed handover documents when the vehicle was collected to say there was no damage, and the vehicle was in excellent condition. Apparently drover have decided that this signed document to say the vehicle was in perfect condition when it left my property isn't enough. They have three days AFTER the vehicle has left your possession to charge you for damages! Even if the damage wasn't there when it left you! / 1/5

Sam McCormick / We hired a car from drover on a year's lease. It was quick and easy to arrange and understand. Any questions answered quickly throughout. However, very disappointed with the return. We are being charged almost £500 for damages. Small scratches we can accept. But a flat tyre, photo sent to us shows a nail sticking out, this was not caused by us and although we have not got photos of all of the way around each tyre, we would have noticed this and sorted it before returning. The photos sent to us were taken after the car was driven away and examined so could have easily happened after it left our care. Also a small burn on the driver seat, again we have no photo of this to prove it wasn't us. But we don't smoke and this damage wasn't there before the car was taken away. Waiting to hear from drover, but only email contact, and only 3 days to dispute these charges!!! I really would have recommended drover up to this point, but very doubtful I would now. Update - thank you Drover for revising the charges, this is much appreciated. / 2/5