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elmo Drive no longer offer car subscriptions due to them winding the business up. Please use the links below for altenative providers.


elmo is a car subscription service based around a website and technology, aiming to allow you to select a vehicle online in minutes.

elmo do not take a refundable deposit and customers can keep the vehicles as long as they like on a rolling monthly contract.

’30 days’ notice (after your 1st month) is required to return the car otherwise an additional month will kick in. If you only require the vehicle for 60 days, send notice within 30 days of receiving the vehicle.

elmo’s basic package includes the car, fully comprehensive insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover and they even a make contribution to offset your carbon. You can also pay an additional fee to reduce your insurance excess.

You can also add extra’s such as a home charger or additional mileage.

elmo charge a flat rate for delivery in England & Wales of £119.00, Collection is also chargeable. Scotland deliveries and collections will be additional.

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How it Works

The signup has been streamlined and takes no longer than 5 minutes:

  • Choose a Vehicle
  • Upload a copy of your driving licence, proof of address and a selfie
  • elmo runs the required identity checks and licence checks to verify eligibility
  • elmo can deliver anywhere in the UK, however, they do charge
  • Unlike some other digital car subscriptions, end-users actually get a physical key.
  • When you’re ready to end the subscription, just 30 days notice is required (after your 1st month).

Costs and Fees

Pricing is extremely competitive and with no refundable deposits, this will be an attractive option for many.

When you order a vehicle online, users are asked to make a payment, this covers the following:

  • First months subscription payment, future bookings will be taken by Direct Debit
  • elmo now no longer charge an Admin Fee
  • Delivery is a flat rate of £119.00 in England & Wales (Scotland Additional)
  • You will also be required to pay a collection charge when you need to return the vehicle.

The standard package includes the following:

  • Vehicle Rental
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • Routine Maintenance & Servicing
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Carbon Offset Donation

The basic mileage included is 800 miles, however, you can boost this up to 1,000 or 1,200 miles. Much lower than some of the other car subscription suppliers.

You can add additional items to your subscription, these include:

  • Home Charging Point
  • Home Energy Bundle – Terms Apply
  • Public Charging
  • Additional Drivers
  • Flexible Mileage Bundles up to 1,200 miles per month

Brands and Models

elmo only offers fully electric vehicles at present from the following brands:

  • Audi
  • Citroen
  • Honda
  • Renault
  • DS
  • MG
  • Fiat
  • Hyundai
  • Polestar
  • Nissan
  • Tesla
  • Kia
  • Peugeot
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen

Latest Offers from elmo

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Notice Periods

Only 30 days’ notice after your first month is required to return your elmo car. This includes upgrading or downgrading your vehicle.

Comments about Subscription Provider

elmo is really pushing for the electric vehicles to become part of everyday society, bundling everything up into one flexible car subscription. Added benefits are the home charging points and public charging memberships available at cost.

We love the fact that they make a donation to offset your carbon, this takes into account the manufacturing of an electric vehicle, so it great that elmo have thought outside of the box.

We also love the fact that elmo give you a physical key, this is a massive bonus over those that give you access via an awkward app that can be quite buggy.

elmo have also dropped their Admin fee, although their delivery and collection costs are now a flat £119 for England & Wales.

Social Media Channels

elmo is on many of the social networks, these include:


elmo’s goal is to help 30,000 people switch to an electric car by 2024, which is a fantastic ambition. The technology and the slick website will help aid this going forwards.


Customer Reviews

Danny Beard

Have been a customer with Elmo since December and could not be happier with the service. From answering every question promptly to communication to the point of delivery. A single payment for the car (TCO) is highly handy. (Charging, car, insurance, breakdown etc) I currently have the MG ZS EV in white (Go #TeamWhite). The flexibility offered by the Elmo subscription is reassuring and offers the ability to try the vehicle without any long term commitments. (Keep it if you like it, return if you don't - but I'm sure you will) The MG arrived clean, well presented, brand new (26 miles on the clock!) and since this was during the pandemic the driver cleaned down the vehicle and went over the functionality. A little update as just had my charge point installed. All arranged through Elmo by SmartHomeCharge! Fantastic service as always! Anyway - thanks again to the team at Elmo! Here's to more happy electric miles!

Rating:  5/5

Claire Parker

I am so very happy with my Nissan Leaf from Elmo. Quiet, peaceful driving. This company gets 5 stars plus from me - they are very efficient, friendly and the subscription couldn't have been clearer from the very first conversation. There are a range of services to suit all lifestyles - I love the one payment that covers everything. They arranged everything including the home charging unit. No more petrol cars for me.

Rating:  5/5

Robert Jones

Our Leaf has turned into the ideal vehicle for us. With just the monthly subscription to budget for, the insurance and the very modest cost of charging it is perfect for a retired couple. The Leaf is smart and comfortable with plenty of space, and the reduction in our carbon footprint makes us feel very virtuous. Even driving in eco mode it is surprisingly swift. Driving it is a pleasure. And cheap - amazing!

Rating:  5/5

Peter Gavin

I swapped my Mercedes 220 diesel estate car for a Nissan Leaf on subscription from Elmo. To be honest I was not expecting the two cars to be comparable but I wanted to get away from diesel. The first thing to say is that I actually prefer the Leaf. I much prefer it in fact. It’s quiet and the biggest surprise is that it is as quick as the Merc. I love the simple subscription arrangement from Elmo. It’s like owning a mobile phone which you just give back at the end of the contract. It’s flexible and so much easier having just one monthly payment. No road tax, mot, servicing. It’s great and the after sales service is excellent. They arranged my home charge unit for me. Stress free motoring. And no massive depreciation at sale so my car is a lot cheaper. I will never go back to fossil fuel cars.

Rating:  5/5

H Geulovani

Great service and good choice of cars. It is not cheap but the flexibility of leasing terms (as short as one month) plus the fact that everything is included - even a dashcam - makes Elmo a winner versus other car subscription providers. Personnel are very helpful and professional.

Rating:  5/5

Christopher Osborn

Obviously everything is carried out online and this is a fairly lengthy but easy to follow process. At each stage Elmo keep you informed of progress. I did have a couple of queries that warranted a phone call for which I was very pleased to get through to someone immediately and who was able to answer my questions without “putting me through to someone”. Car arrived exactly as agreed and was in immaculate condition throughout. Gentlemen that delivered was very polite and helpful. Overall a pleasant and professional experience.

Rating:  5/5

Giacomo Rossi

Excellent customer service and experience. Car is impeccable and the whole process was painless and efficient. Response time to any and all questions is quick with solutions are proposed and actioned rapidly. Case in point, there was a technical issue with the car I had been allocated, I was notified immediately and a new car was assigned and delivered. Seamless experience.

Rating:  5/5

Randolph Fenton

Long winded progress to apply for a subscription. Elmo fail to explain some important details. If you want a single month subscription you must cancel the contract immediately when you receive the car. If not, the contract will auto roll on. THEY FAIL TO INFORM YOU UPFRONT so that you are accidentally bound to any extra month. Insurance excess is set at min £1000 unless you opt for the reduced excess by paying a £15 surcharge. THEY FAIL TO INFORM YOU UPFRONT. They take your money upfront BEFORE a contract is issued. If your applicable fails, YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED for at least a week. In my case, £665 taken and locked out for 7 days, for a non approved subscription. THEY FAIL TO INFORM YOU Upfront. Their service looks great on the outside but beware. When you write in to complain, nothing gets done. Their standard response is “I’ll pass on your concerns”.

Rating:  1/5

Teresa Hartley

no Charger sent with vechicle as told from start i needed 3 pin one Told to enjoy my EV cant till you send charger Have left message for fleet as warning light on on deliver Also told them crusie control doesnt work no reply !!!

Rating:  3/5

Debbie Bywaters

Really enjoying electric car .. I pef it to petrol Delivery was excellent… Can,t fault u

Rating:  5/5

Sarah Jones

I chose elmo as I saw their reviews online and at the BMS show. I spoke to the staff there who were all so friendly and so knowledgeable. I am aware of their competition but their customer service is shambles - I called for a quote and got told to do it myself! I wanted to compare the two - but that was enough for me. Car arrived on time - brand new and the handover was amazing. I rarely leave reviews but the service elmo give is systematically different and is world leading.

Rating:  5/5

Matt Buxton

Setup an account via my company (rather than personally) and so far so good. Car delivery was delayed by a day, and although I was only informed at the end of the day it was meant to arrive, it was delivered next day. I managed to get it all sorted by Sohail (EV Specialist in Customer Care). Price is reasonable and when you consider it includes insurance and for a small fee all inclusive charging at BP Pulse it makes sense to me.

Rating:  5/5

Templeton Macsheffrey

Had a couple of queries around driving abroad (we have family in Europe so would need to be able to travel there regularly), and couldn’t see the info we were looking for on the website, but I had a really helpful, speedy interaction with Sohail that answered my questions perfectly. This sort of service is rare, and gives us real confidence to press the button and sign up.

Rating:  5/5

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