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EZOO is an electric-only car subscription supplier based in Coventry and Glasgow. They offer vehicles from one-month plus on a great range of manufacturers including Renault, MG and Cupra. The company was set-up by Lash and Charnjit Saranna and has also been featured on Fully Charged. Their company goal is to help customers with the transition into electric cars ready for the Government ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars.

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EZOO Car Subscription Logo

How it Works

Customers need to be between 25 and 75 years old and must have been a UK resident for 1 year minimum. They must hold a UK/EU licence for a minimum of 1 year (2 years for business customers) and you have had no motoring offences for the last 36 months and no more than 6 points on your licence.

You can browse vehicles on their website and book online, you will pay the admin fee and damage waiver and then its time to arrange to collect your vehicle. At the end of the term you can renew but you are not allowed to switch vehicles during the term.

Costs and Fees

EZOO prices start from £239 per month for the compact Renault Twizy, opt for the Renault Zoe from £325 per month. Insurance is included with the subscription and the excess is £1,000.

There is an admin fee of £120 due at the start of your subscription along with a refundable damage waiver.

You can arrange to collect your vehicle or delivery is available for a fee.

Standard monthly mileage is 800 miles per month and additional mileage packages are available to purchase.

Early return will result in the remaining payments to be charged.

Notice Periods

To return your vehicle back to EZOO, you can contact the team who will arrange with you a date/time. Collection is possible for a fee. If you send the vehicle back early you will be charged for the remianed of the subscription term.

Comments about Subscription Provider

EZOO offers only electric vehicles which can be limiting to some customers who are looking for subscriptions that they can chop and change with ICE vehicles. Standard mileage is acceptable and their mileage packages are well priced compared with many of the other subscription suppliers.

Social Media Channels

EZOO does operate on Facebook, this page is currently restricted for some unknown reason.


We love the fact that you can subscribe to a Renault Twizy through EZOO which is ideal for those living in larger cities. It has a great range of electric vehicles available but the flexibility of the subscriptions doesn’t really promote a month-to-month arrangement and is more suited to a short-term car lease banner. Admin fees and delivery charges can make this look like an expensive service when everything is factored in.


Customer Reviews

Ricky Perrin

So far so good - wow what service, I have a ID5 on hire for 3 months while i test out how viable EV cars for disabled people... i cannot walk and i have fitted Lynx controls to the car for the duration of my hire. They were in contact with me loads before the hire started, then texting and calling me a few hours before the delivery... they also called when they were 5 minutes away. The delivery person gave me a full tour of the car as i said i have never used an EV before... they gave me every detail of the car spec I have always been a petrol head so i love car talk!, they explained the gears, the infotainment, the charging system, EV apps, EV charging, EV batteries, ... they went into every detail to ensure i was happy with the car. Then before they left they moved the car around so that i could charge it up straight away. I had my disabled controls fitted the following day so i could drive it ... and everything they explained was to that exact detail of the car. im a couple of weeks in ... and done about 200 / 300 miles as i am a hybred worker and i am completely sold on getting a full EV for my next car at the moment,

Rating:  5/5

Lynn Aikman

Straightforward and supportive throughout my time with eZoo. Ross resolved any issues quickly and professionally. Would recommend eZoo to anyone looking to hire or lease an electric vehicle.

Rating:  5/5

Andy Roe

The ordering of the car and delivery was very simple and straightforward. I have no issues with this part of the hire. My issue if the hire is after dropping it back. Will take 16-17 working days to get my deposit back. I drive the car 80 miles to the drop of location. The have been charged £75 because the car came back a bit dirty. Guess what - driving up the motorway will make the car dirty. If they picked the car up from me they’d have to clean it when they got back to their base. There was a couple of marks around the handle on the driver side ( inside card) and a bit of dust on the centre console. Another £75 charge. Such a lineup spinner they’ve got going. Don’t use them for this reason in my opinion. From expo response - No apology for the 16-17 working day refund of deposit. Just because it’s in line with other people doesn’t make the charges ok. Could I have a job to come and clean your cars if you charge that much? £150 is still outrageous - I’d pay that if I was getting my Bentley cleaned. Not a Renault Zoe.

Rating:  3/5

Pamela Thwaite

I search all over to find a short term EV rental, no luck. Then I visited the Fully Charged Show in Harrogate, met the EZOO team and within a couple of days (!) I had a Cupra Born on the driveway. The signup process was straightforwards, the customer service great and they really went above and beyond to get the car at such short notice. I'll be renting again.

Rating:  5/5

Brian Sowter

Delivery was fine. I thought the presentation of the car could have been better. Valeting was a bit patchy and the SMELL was terrible. It seems to have been due to a cardboard hanger from the valeting company which I eventually found. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? VERY DOWN MARKET. I recommend they consult a "Nose" as used by the perfume industry. The "Frunk" was not cleaned at all. Full of mud and an old charging cable with a very tatty zip case.

Rating:  4/5

Christopher Fiendley

Fantastic experience from start to finish with ezoo. I needed a short term lease and the team fixed me up with a brand new Kia Niro at a competitive price. The handover with Sukhi was excellent and really informative. The hand back was as equally easy. I would highly recommend ezoo for anyone looking for an electric vehicle.

Rating:  5/5

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1 Month

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