Onto (Formally Evezy) offer Car Subscriptions purely for electric charging. Subscriptions can be taken for as little as a month so ONTO is the ideal platform to try an electric vehicle before committing long-term.

They are quite a new company and recently rebranded as ONTO from Evezy, whilst only 2 years old their reputation has grown massively in the car subscription market.

One of the benefits of ONTO is that Polar charging is included within the monthly subscription payment.




How it Works

ONTO offers easy online signup with a joining fee of £9.99. You will need to upload your driving licnece, proof of address and a Selfie.

Onto will run a DVLA licence check as their terms and conditions states that no one with more than 6 points can have a vehicle.

Cars can be collected or delivered, charges do apply.

You will require your smartphone to unlock, start and use your vehicle. No keys are supplied with the vehicle.

To change your subscription or end it, they require 5 working days notice or they may levy a charge.

Drivers must be over the age of 25 years old.

Costs and Fees

The initial signing up fee is £9.99, there is no administration charge or a refundable deposit with ONTO.

The monthly cost includes insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance, road fund licence and charging (Polar Plus included).

Excess mileage charges are between £0.08 and £0.18 ppm, but it is said that should you exceed 1,250 miles per month, your subscription may be cancelled and access revoked.

ONTO charge for delivery/collection.

If you receive a parking ticket a charge fo £10 is levied for the processing of the ticket.

Late payment charges are also levied, more can be found at: ONTO T&C’s

Brands and Models

ONTO offers a restricted range of cars due to the Electric Only secter they are aiming for, these include, but are not limited to:

  • BMW
  • Renault
  • Hyundai
  • Nissan
  • Tesla
  • DS

Notice Periods

ONTO requires 7-days notice to terminate the car subscription or a charge may be levied.

Comments about Subscription Provider

ONTO is really going to shake up the market with their electric only range and we can see this doing really well. Whilst prices are really good, long delivery times can be off putting for many customers.

The app based key isn’t going to be fore everyone, along with the telematics data.

Social Media Channels

ONTO are on the following social network channels:


ONTO has a great USP, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s a great way of trialing an electric car before fully committing. As more manufacturers release more fully electric cars, the company’s range will grow. They have a great range of cars ready for immediate delivery including the ever-popular Tesla Model 3.

With free charging included within the monthly price, this is a real bonus for many who are looking for an electric vehicle subscription.

Customer Reviews

Stuart Delves

I can’t recommend Onto highly enough. If you’re considering it, feel free to use my referral code and we both save £50. e6832 This has taken all of the headaches out of having a nice car, no lengthy contacts, no hassle! I’ve been with onto for several months, No credit checks or deposits when you want to change cars. literally the price they quote is the price you pay- and it really does include everything. They’re constantly adding extra’s to the service, such as reward points. I can swap cars with a few days notice- and it literally costs me £50 delivery to swap. The customer service is top notch, they’re always on hand, so straight forward to deal with.

Rating:  5/5

Wesley Aldred

This is exactly as posted on the ONTO Community Forum. Well what absolutely shockingly abysmal customer service from ONTO, an absolute farce. So Hyundai very quickly diagnosed that the excessive drain on the vehicle was from ONTO’s connected hardware, they actually contacted me Thursday only hours after the car being taken to them advising that they need to disconnect the equipment, that they had tried but could not contact anyone at ONTO to discuss this, so I took more of my own time to ring and speak with Driverline and asked them to contact the garage. Friday lunchtime came and i had another call from the garage, they have heard nothing from ONTO and have tried calling themselves several times and given up after excessively long waits (welcome to my world) I rang and spoke again to driverline after 35mins on hold, they transferred me to ONTO’s offroad team, i think i spoke with Josh at this point but couldn’t swear to his name. He promised he would call the garage, liaise with them and agree a plan forward and ring me or email me that same day, needless to say nothing. Fast forward to Monday (today) and the hire car from Hyundai Assist is due to go back around lunch time, I’ve still heard nothing, so first i ring Driverline, she trys to fob me off with ill email the offroad team and get them to get in contact with you, I state this is clearly not acceptable im going to be carless in a couple of hours, so she says she will email them anyway and transfer me to ONTO, another 30 or so mins hold and she has just drop transferred me, so they had no idea what the issue was. By now im getting furious with this shocking lack of help. I ring my local Hyundai garage, they have identified the problem, it is a “share your car” piece of ONTO’s equipment FOUR TIMES excessive drain on the 12v battery, they know this as they disconnected it on Friday, tested the battery this morning which showed no excessive drain and functioned fine, they reconnected it for 5 mins and retested and the drain was back, massive battery drain in 5 mins, they have still had NO CONTACT from ONTO and have no idea what to do, he said the car is fine, it’s here, the share my car device is disconnected and the car is now fine, collect it if you want. So i have the IONIQ back, it’s here with me and your equipment that has caused all the issues is permanently disconnected, so i suggest right now you decide how you are going to proceed and you actually UPDATE me at your earliest convenience because I’m seriously unhappy now. Oh and finally you owe me £15 in petrol costs from the hire care, please advise how you want the receipt to reimburse me. Lastly, anyone who has made it this far, Hyundai are fantastic, they swiftly arranged for the car to be taken in they swiftly arranged for a hire car, (I had to arrange everything with them mind, ONTO / Driverline, did absolutely nothing) the garage kept in constant contact with me over what was happening, amazing service, exactly how customer service should be. ONTO as far as im concerned you need to STOP right now and sort yourselves out because you are awful, terrible, I cannot think of enough nice words to describe how truly shocking your (lack of) service is.

Rating:  1/5

Piero Chiefa

I hired a car from On.to the last September, and I was at first pleased with it. However, the fact that you need to use the app every time to access the vehicle isn't that convenient. Like many other users during the hire, I experienced three tires punctures; this is particularly annoying as you have to go with the car to the repair centre -as the vehicle can only be operated using the app on your phone- or wait for an onsite repair. I experienced both; I waited for the recovery vehicle to come to collect the car, I went to the repair centre, I had to wait for nearly 2 hours for them to replace the tyre. On the two other occasions, I requested for them to send a mobile repair to my home. Both events took a very long time to have the car repaired; the second time, particularly, it took nearly a week, which means you are paying for a vehicle you can't use. This was the main reason for me to decide to cancel my subscription. I requested a pick up for the car on a Friday; I received a call from the On.to team saying that they could only arrange for a pickup for the following Monday, but this wouldn't have cost me anything. I insisted that Monday was not an easy alternative for me but had to agree on that date for the pickup. As I thought the pickup day was the actual end day of the contract on Friday morning, I took the car; I had no issues accessing the vehicle. Around lunchtime, when I returned to the car, I couldn't open it. So I called the helpline, and someone opened the car for me remotely, suggesting that there might have been a technical issue with the vehicle. Ten minutes later, the same issue occurred; this time, I was transferred to the main office, and I spoke to a lady who told me that my contract had expired and that I wasn't covered by the insurance anymore. I mentioned that the car was parked in an area where I couldn't leave it. I also mentioned that I wasn't comfortable driving a vehicle not being covered by the insurance as that I wasn't notified about any of this. I believe the person on the other side of the phone was also trying to resolve the situation, but she wasn't the most helpful person I have spoken to. I ended up agreeing to drive the car back to my car park. As a final touch on Monday, I was given a window for the pickup between 9 am and 1 pm. Of course, they didn't show up within that window, and I had to reschedule most of my afternoon meetings. I wouldn't recommend ONTO.

Rating:  2/5

Dee Sethi

Where do I start with my new Onto order? I placed an order with great excitement as a new customer- the 'service offer', overall package, choice of cars- fantastic. The lead time was a month & half, which is expected for new car deliveries. Getting more excited! I sold my vehicle 10 days before confirmed delivery date. But then things took a major downward turn closer to delivery - Got a call on delivery date that 'vehicle had a quality issue'. Safety first as they told me - Took 2-3 days for Onto to confirm the new logistics plan - The call to reimburse me with a rental vehicle (as I needed a car!) was the final 'incoming' call I had - Now, been given a new delivery date for the car- and guess what, it's the WRONG COLOUR! Upon confirming with Services team- I have been told that the original colour is recalled due to service issues. Then why has Onto made an 'assumption' the customers would accept another vehicle colour? Without calling in or checking with the client in the first place! It's a very strange & non customer focussed decision & I'm completely baffled how a company of their stature (previous reviews/ social etc) has not performed at all on this onboarding experience as a new customer for me. Based on this performance, I would not be able to recommend Onto 'till' they sufficiently resolve their logistical + supplier issues. This is seriously making them look bad, and not without reason- this is definitely a collective responsibility of errors.

Rating:  2/5

David Harrison

Its the future! Fantastic experience so far, affordable way to run an EV car, see if you like it and know exactly what you are going to pay each month for your motoring. Simple idea well executed by On.To. Have the Zoe currently, swopping to something different soon as thats the beauty of the service! Had some issues with billing which have been ironed out and sorted. Make sure you sort excess insurance as the excess is £1000. Honestly a fab service give it a try. If you want 50 off your new subscription feel free to use my referral cd- 60858 as I fully recommend them!

Rating:  5/5

Patrick D

The car was excellent and the delivery was on time and well done. Returning the car was also well managed. My only contention was the amount charged for a simple scratch on one wheel – the typical scratch from a kerbside. They charged £69 to fix the simple scratch, plus VAT, which amounted to £83. I think this is extremely high for such a small issue. So when you hire a vehicle with Onto, consider that you will be faced with a hefty bill when they inspect the vehicle. Factor that in on the total amount you expect to pay for the car.

Rating:  2/5


Really good to deal with, good choice of vehicles with new choices regularly. Having the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade vehicles when required is great and makes sense for a low millage driver like myself.

Rating:  5/5

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