Bad Credit

If you’ve got bad credit, getting accepted for car subscription or car lease may prove difficult. Especially for those with CCJ’s, IVA’s, Bankuptcy or defaults.

We have listed below a partner who may be able to help you obtain a car subscription or short-term car lease. Their process is based on affordability or stability.

Acceptance rates are high, so long as the information provided is correct and this can be verified.

Do they offer No Credit Check Car Leasing?

It’s important to understand that a credit check will still be carried out, this is to comply with anti-money laundering and FCA rules and is purely used to verify your identity.

The basis of the checks is to carry out affordability and stability checks, however, underwriters may still look at your history and CCJ’s to help determine that you will pay for your car on a monthly basis.

What information will be required?

As each and every application is different, our underwriters may request a wide range of documents that could include:

They may also ask for items such as proof of property ownership, employment details or copies of visa’s showing your right to work in the UK.

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Bad Credit Car Subscription Providers

No Credit Check Car Lease
No Credit Check Car Lease (Verified)

Bad Credit Can Include:

Decision Based Lending

The companies we advertise for bad credit, offer affordability and stability based lending, they undertsand that doing a credit check will not give the full picture.

Our underwriters will look at 2 main points; 1. If you can afford to make the monthly payments and 2. You are traceable at your address.

Each application for a bad credit car lease or car subscription is treated on its own individual basis.

Car Subscription No Credit Check

If any company offers you a car subscription with no credit check, it is really important that you check to make sure they are legitimate, it has been reported that many companies who are advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Remember all providers who offer services such as short-term car leases and car subscriptions should carry out the checks as part of their compliance.  Read our Don’t get scammed paragraph.

Bad Credit Car Lease Deals

Our suppliers of bad credit car subscriptions generally have a great range of short-term vehicles to help you get mobile. Their cars will include at least the rental, breakdown assistance and road tax.

It is really important to make sure you look at all of the costs when applying for a vehicle, this includes what the insurance could cost and how much the vehicle will be to run.

Don't get Scammed

When looking for a bad credit car lease or car subscription, its important to find a legit company with history and experience. Many people get scammed by companies offering “No Credit Check Car Leases” on social media websites such as instagram and facebook, only to lose their money.

It’s really important to check that these are real companies and have an FCA registration, this can be checked using the highlighted link.