Please find below a list of frequntly asked questions on Car Subscriptions. Please do let us know if there are any questions, you would like to see on this page.

What are Car Subscriptions?

Car Subscriptions are similar to a car lease, but on a month-by-month basis. Soe companie allow you to take a vehicle for one month, others want a bit more commitment from you.

The process for most of the car subscription companies is the the same, you choose a car, choose your mileage and a minimum term.

You will then have to go through a verification process (and some companies a credit check) to make sure you are who you are.

You can then arrange collection or delivery of your car.

Do Car Subscription include insurance?

No all car subscription providers include insurance within their monthly payment. However, it can sometimes work out cheaper by providing your own policy.

Many of the companies also accept fleet policies for your business.

Is maintenance included in a car subscription?

A car subscription includes vehicle maintenance and its really important that you have the vehicle serviced in line with the manufacturers service guidelines.

How often can I change my car?

Depending on the car subscription company, you can change your car as often as every month, but you do need to read any terms and conditions.

Some companies will give you th best prices for committing to longer periods and if you want to chane before this time is up, it may cost you extra.

If you don’t want to swap your car as often, there are companies that allow you to keep the same car subscription for up to 12 months without it being swapped.

What happens if my car breaks down?

With all car subscription services, they offer breakdown assistance as part of their monthly payment. Just contact the breakdown company that is listed in your agreement or handbooks.

I have a tyre puncture, is this covered on my subscription?

No, this is classed as accidental damage and therefore you will be liable for the replacement.

It is important to make sure you swap this like for like to avoid additional charges.

How many miles are included?

Most packages from car subscription companies start at 800 miles per month and most go up to 2,000 miles per month. No provider as of today offer and unlimited mileage car subscription.

We do have a handful of companies that will cater for up to 6,000 miles per month.

Are there any additional charges I should know about?

If you have your insurance included then you need to pay for the fuel.

Also, many of the companies will charge an administration fee for receiving parking fines or speeding tickets.

It is also recommended to check the return conditions of the car subscription companies as they may charge you to rectify any damage that has been caused to the vehicle.

What are the requirements for a car subscription?

Agre restrictions vary from company to company, but with most you need to be over the age of 18 and pass the verification checks.

If you opt for their insurance, you may also need no more than 6 points on your driving licence.

There will be credit checks with most companies, however, many do offer, non-status car subscriptions where required.

Can I take my car abroad?

This depends on your provider and you will require additional (chargable) documentation to take your car abroad.