Expat Car Subscriptions

If you’re coming to the UK and in need of a car, then a Car Subscription is a good option and can be obtained if you are an overseas visitor.

Our selection of companies specialise in Expat Car Leases and can help you get you into a shiny new car.

Additional checks may be required and their are usually refundable deposits and admin fee’s to pay, but this is a nice simple way of getting a car lease.

See below our selection of Expat car providers in the UK.

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Expat Car Lease Providers

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

Prices From
Initial Fee
Age Restrictions
Over 18
Notice Period
5 Days
Minimum Term
28 Days, Best Price 90 Days Plus
Max. Mileage
2000 miles per month


Flexigo Car Subscriptions
Prices From
Initial Fee
Age Restrictions
18 Plus
Notice Period
7 days
Minimum Term
28 Days
Max. Mileage
2000 miles per month
* - Fee's may differ for Expat's and refundable deposits may be requested

Countries Who Can Apply

Tesla Vs Mercedes - Used Car Subscriptions

How easy is it to get a Car Subscription as an Expat?

If you are living abroad and are coming to the UK for a period of time, either for work or leisure, it can prove extremely difficult to pass traditional car leasing credit checks.

On top of this car leases tend to have lengths of 2 to 3 years, you might not even need a vehicle for this long.

This is where you require a car subscription company that specialises in Expat Car Subscriptions such as the ones listed above.

How easy it is to get one does depend on your personal circumstances but many require information from your home country, employee references, credit reference agency information and further evidence to support your application and prove your affordability.

More about Expat Car Subscriptions can be read on The Car Experts page by clicking on the highlighted link.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get a car subscription as an Expat in the UK, you will need to contact a company that specialises in dealing with Overseas visitors.

These include Cocoon Vehicles and Flexigo Cars.

Each company will have their own specific requirements and you may have to supply documentation to back up your application.

The information you will need to supply to the company will depend on your personal circumstances and the business who will be supplying the vehicle subscription.

If you are coming to the UK for work purposes, you will usually be required to supply UK employment details, home country information such as residence, bank statements and residential information in the UK.

If you are coming here for leisure purposes, you will still be required to go through the various checks. The main area that will be focused on is your credit history in the UK along with how you intend to pay for your vehicle whilst over here.

If you are in the UK for education purposes, proof of acceptance to College or University will be required along with details on how you intend to pay for the subscription.

Depending on the provider of your vehicle, you will usually be required to pay for your vehicle via a Direct Debit, therefore a UK bank account is usually required.

If you haven’t got a UK bank account, we’d recommend speaking to your home bank as your first point of call. They may have an international branch based in the UK.

If this isn’t an option, you can easily set-up a Transferwise account or even an app based current account such as Chase Bank.

Some of the providers may allow payment by Credit/Debit card, you may pay additional charges to pay by this payment method.

Open Banking is also becoming more widespread in the UK and is more convenient than traditional Direct Debits.

The length of the Car Subscription is down to your own personal circumstances, many of the providers listed offer flexible car subscriptions with rolling monthly contracts.

Other may require you to take the vehicle for 6 or 12-months. Always check what you are signing up for before putting the pen to paper.

No, many of the providers such as Cocoon Vehicles will allow you to complete the application process in your home country and prepare the vehicle ready for delivery upon your arrival in the UK.

Some of them actually offer Airport Meet & Greets to really help with your relocation requirements.