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Drive Fuze is a car subscription provider in the UK which is relatively new, but already making inroads in becoming a very popular service. Operating since January 2022, Drive Fuze offers a wide range of vehicles from manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, SEAT, Tesla, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. As with most car subscriptions prices include servicing, accident & breakdown, road tax, 1000 miles per month allowance (can be increased to 2,000 miles per month) and fully comprehensive insurance.

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Drive Fuze

How it Works

The Drive Fuze website is slick and allows you to pretty much do everything online. Here is the process:

  1. Browse Cars from their website
  2. Select Vehicle and see Available Colours
  3. Select Monthly Mileage (Where applicable)
  4. Click Book the Vehicle
  5. Create an Account
  6. Review Driving Licence
  7. Check your proof of address
  8. Verify your identity with a Selfie
  9. Conduct a credit check
  10. Arrange Delivery

Costs and Fees

All of the cars displayed on the Drive Fuze website include a mileage allowance of 1,000 miles. Unlike other providers, Drive Fuze does not charge a joining fee or processing fee to sign up.

According to the website, delivery starts from £199 (inc. VAT) for a weekday delivery and £249 for a Saturday delivery, there is a note regarding Scotland, Wales, Isle of Wight and the South West of England may charge additional monies.

Collection is chargeable and starts from £199 (inc. VAT) for a weekday collection.

If you decide to cancel the car subscription before you take delivery, you will be charged £100.


Notice Periods

All vehicles must be taken for a minimum of 1-month and 14 days’ notice is required to (before rolling month) is required to end the agreement. This can be arranged easily from the Drive Fuze account with easy instructions on how to return your car subscription vehicle.

Comments about Subscription Provider

Although Drive Fuze is a pretty new start-up, their easy-to-use website is a pleasure to navigate and their online account is very comprehensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are comprehensive and cover just about every eventuality including taking your car abroad, maintenance and how to return your vehicle.

Social Media Channels

Drive Fuze are on the following social network channels:


For quick and easy booking, Drive Fuze is a great provider of car subscriptions with delivery guaranteed within 7 days and reasonable delivery costs. Their choice of vehicles is excellent and the fact that you get insurance included is a bonus. Drive Fuze is a member of the BVRLA which is another positive.


Customer Reviews


So far so good! Contrary to other reviews customer service is excellent. The digital experience on the website is great too. If you read the website and terms all the charges are very clear. The delivery process was smooth and a small issue with the car specification was dealt with promptly. I plan to have the car for no more than 6 months so the Drive Fuze model works really well for me.

Rating:  5/5

Ravi Rabheru

I had a phenomenal experience with Drive Fuze. Really great communication through the process from Sophie and Yossef who were able to answer questions on how the process works, move delivery dates around, and organise a very very simple collection up. Their responses are quick, articulate and very very friendly - real great customer experience. Well done!

Rating:  5/5

David K

Very friendly and efficient customer service. I leased a car for 2 months while my own vehicle was in for repair. Delivery £119 and collection £149 charges were extra but still generally worked out more cost effective than hiring a car and more flexible than longer term leasing. The deposit was refunded very promptly and would definitely use again.

Rating:  5/5

Mr Franklin

Customer service is awful. They charged me a delivery fee and the subscription the fee starts on the day of delivery. The car turn up at 18.00. When I complained about paying for a day that I didn't have the car I was basically told tough cancel. Now I've given two weeks notice as they requested, and the collection fee is higher than the delivery fee. I've also been told that the monthly subscription fee is non refundable for the days after the car is collected. So it's 11 days I'm paying for that I don't have a car. So with the day lost on delivery I have paid for 12 day's subscription, with no car. Customer service is very poor. There's a complete lack of interest in customer service, only interested in taking money for nothing in return. Will never use again, or recommend them to anyone.

Rating:  1/5


I had an issue and had to call their helpline where I spoke to Yossef. He was brilliant, he checked everything with his manager, and even after I went away thinking nothing more could be done, he called me back two hours later to say he'd been looking into it more and was able to provide a really good solution. Would highly recommend him to the management as someone to hold onto and use as an example.

Rating:  5/5


Decent options and good customer service, but appalling value for money. Once you add on delivery and collection charges the costs of using an using an entry level vehicle for a month becomes hugely excessive. Wouldn't recommend and wouldn't use again

Rating:  4/5


Great concept and great company. Car was given to me basically brand new it was such a good car and I’m so pleased to of found drive fuze. I would highly recommend!

Rating:  5/5

Barry Healey

I tried to use the company, but found in the small print of the T&Cs a list of professions that they won't do business with. Unfortunately I work for a company that provides services to the Gambling Industry so they won't do business with me. TBH I'm shocked that they would have such a policy, I could work in IT in the office next door, leave the car at home at in the same place overnight, make the same journey and park in the same space in the office parking spaces and be ok to use the service. It's mind blowing that a company would operate in such a way and I wonder if they would have told me had I not read through their (pages and pages of) T&Cs. Advice would be to read through all their T&C as you may find you've inadvertently gone against their rules with out knowing so, as I've never seen a list of professions that a company wont deal with before (apart from comments about illegal activity which gambling obviously is not). edit. many thanks for your reply. whilst I understand you're bound by your insurance company, I don't understand why in this day and age it would be something that an insurance company wouldn't provide? (your competitors dont have such restrictions). Is there data to dack up that I'm going to drive irresponsibly if I work in a highly regulated industry like gambling. I clearly stated to your operative that I worked for a gambling content supplier not a gambling company, however was still told no. please provide a direct contact for you so I can email you should you wish to look at if you can insure me or directly email me. you have my email in the conversation I've already had with your support where they told me they couldn't help me (I'm sure there haven't been that many over the last few days about this)

Rating:  1/5

Darren Oliver

Very helpful staff on the phone & Live chat, particularly Sophie & Heather. Will definitely use you again should my business need it, car came clean / brand new! drive handed it over perfectly.

Rating:  5/5

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25 to 75

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14 days’ notice is required to (before rolling month)

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30 Days

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1000 Standard (Up to 2000) miles per month


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Provider Published: October 4, 2023
Provider Last Updated: February 16, 2024
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