Can I take my Car Subscription abroad?

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As Covid-19 restrictions start to ease, many people with friends and family will be wanting to hit Europe and what better way of getting there, than driving.

But it’s really important you get everything in place before heading to the ferry or Euroshuttle terminal as with a car subscription, you don’t actually own the vehicle as it belongs to the car subscription company.

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What you’ll need

Not all car subscription suppliers allow you to take your vehicle abroad, so before signing into a contract, check on the provider’s terms and conditions or frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). Many of the companies such as Cazoo, Cocoon Vehicles and Flexed clearly display what you need to do.

Request Permission

The first thing you will need to do is request permission to take your car abroad. This is usually a case of completing a simple form on the provider’s website or dropping an email to customer service. Give them plenty of notice before you go.


Once permission is granted, you will be provided with a VE103B. This is a document that tells the authorities that you have permission to take the car abroad by the legal registered keeper. There will usually be a charge levied for this by the car subscription provider.


If your car comes with fully inclusive insurance, you may have to pay a premium to extend your insurance for driving in the EU. For example, Cazoo charges approx. £36 for 2 weeks. Other providers such as Cocoon Vehicles or Flexed require written confirmation from your insurance provider that your car will be covered under a fully comprehensive insurance policy, not just third party.

Breakdown Assistance

Most car subscription providers include breakdown assistance with their vehicles, but this will be restricted to the EU. The provider may insist that you take out policy cover for the EU. This can be relatively cheap and will cost approx. £90 for the year.

Green Card

Your insurance company or car subscription provider will provide you with a green card to show that your vehicle is correctly covered for driving in the EU. You’ll need to keep this in the vehicle at all times.

Driving Licence

Make sure you keep your driving licence on you at all times, as if authorities asked you may be asked to produce this. Make sure your details are correct including your address.

International Driving Permit (IDP)

Depending on the countries you are visiting, you may be required to apply for an IDP before commencing the trip. This is the case if you have an old-style paper driving licence or you have a licence issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man. You can easily apply for an IDP from your local Post Office.

UK Sticker

From the 28th September 2021 you’ll need to clearly display a UK Sticker on the rear of the vehicle unless the number plate fitted has one displayed to the left-hand side. You are no longer allowed to display the Euro Symbol, national flag or GB markers.

Maximum Time Allowed

It may be that you are only allowed to take your vehicle abroad for a maximum of 30 days, this is pretty standard in the car industry and is to do with Brexit and VAT implications. Some of the providers my not allow you to take your car abroad at all.

Extra Equipment

Some countries will require you to take additional equipment on-board, this may include reflective jackets, warning triangles, spare bulbs and in some cases alcohol testing equipment. Use websites such as the AA to research your trip and make sure you are covered for all of the countries that you drive through.

Basics Covered

We’ve only included the basics of taking your car subscription vehicle abroad. It is always best to do your homework and ask any questions you feel are important to you. Make sure you give all sides plenty of notice before departing for the UK.

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