Replacement Tyres

If you are in the UK and require replacement tyres due to them being worn or damaged, then take a look at our affiliate partner below for both budget and premium tyre brands.

Tyre Replacements

For Road Safety reasons it is vital that your tyres are kept in good condition and more importantly legal. All of the tyres in the vehicle including any spare tyres, must have a good tread across the whole of the tyre and be free of damage, this includes the sidewalls where it is possible to get bulges.

If any of your tyres falls outside of the required standards or laws, then replacements should be obtained and fitted as soon as possible.

We currently recommend National Tyres, we only recommend providers that we have used and offer a good service. They are also highly competitive and you can use their national centres or have your tyres replaced at your home or workplace.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Recommend National Tyres

Understanding Tyre Sizes

When replacing tyres on your vehicle, you should ensure that you get the correct size for your car. Most tyre sizes are engraved on the sidewall but if you are unsure, you can also use the registration lookup provided by National Tyres.

Tyre Width

This is the three-digit number at the beginning, this tells you how wide the tyre is and is quoted in millimetres (mm).


This measurement tells you how tall your actual tyre is. Unlike the tyre width, the profile is measured as a percentage of the tyre’s width.

Wheel Size

This measurement is for the diameter of the wheel and confusingly measured in inches.


The numerical part of this section states how much weight a tyre can handle. The letter segment of the section indicates the maximum speed that the tyre can handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum legal tyre tread depth for cars is currently 1.6mm. This covers throught the continuous band in the centre of three quarters of the tread and also covers the entire circumference of the tyre.

It is important to ensure that your tyres are legal, not only for your safety, but should the Police inspect your tyres and deem them illegal, you may receive a fine.

The 20p test allows you to test your tyres which is especially handy if you don’t have tread wear indicators.

Just place a 20 pence coin into your tyres grooves. If the outer rim is obscured then your tyre is comfortably above the legal minimum tread depth.

If you can see part of the rim of the 20p, it’s time to check yourself into Nationwide for a free tyre check.

It is really important to purchase the correct tyres for your car, this includes ensuring the load and the speed rating is correct for both the vehicle and your style of driving.

You can check the tyre size by using the guide above or you can also use Nationals tyre check. Easily pop your registration number into the box and the system will display the tyres suitable for your car.

This is down to both your budget and your driving style. We’d always recommend getting the best tyres that you can afford, but don’t let this put you off repalcing the tyres if they are close to the legal limit.

Budget tyres are excellent these days and are just as good as some of the mid-range and premium brands, so they are not to be dismissed.

A tyre bulge occurs when you hit obstacles such as kerbs at the wrong angle. Over time, the structure of the tyres sidewall weakens and break down the compounds, pushing the air out.

Ignoring tyre bulges is extremely dangerous and the chances of a tyre blowout increases dramtically.

It is illegal to have bulges in any part of the tyres and could result in a fine if this is spotted by any Police officers. It is also an MOT failure. has an affiliate partnership with the company mentioned above which means that if you click on the link and purchase a product via the link we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.