Sell Your Car Privately

Sell your car privately with Autotrader

Easily find out what your car is worth using the online valuation tool at Autotrader UK. Its super quick, free to use and with no obligation to sell.

By using the tool your accessing data from millions of vehicles to give you up-to-date information.

Thousands of happy sellers are happy with the service provided by Autotrader, this is reflected in their Trustpilot reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just put your registration number and it’s current mileage into Auto Trader’s car valuation tool and they will return figures based on if you were to sell your car privately and a part-exchange price, so you can decide how you want to dispose of your car.

By using Auto Trader’s car valuation tool, your gaining access to a very large database of data that combines live adverts, values from car auctions, ex-fleet and leasing car values and over 3,500 dealer websites.

There are many factors that can increase the value of a vehicle, these include but not limited to:

  • Vehicle’s Colour – Have you chosen the car based on your favourite colour? This may not be to everyones taste and colours of vehicles can have a huge effect on a vehicle value.
  • Modifications – Not all modifications can increase the value of a vehicle, but pick the right after market bodykit or alloy wheels and it could add £££’s to the value
  • Damage – All valuations done online will base the vehicle on it being in good condition. Vehicles with no damage will attract the higher value.
  • Service History – This is an important factor for any used car valuation, a car with it’s complete service history will be worth more than those cars with service gaps.

There are many factors that can decrease the value of a vehicle, these include but not limited to:

  • Previous Owners – The more previous owners the car has had, the less the car will be worth. Especially if there are short time gaps between transfers.
  • Broken Parts – Non-working items can have an effect on the value of the vehicle. Before trading or selling your car, it might be a good idea to invest in fixing these items.
  • Significant damage – Dents or Alloy Wheel damage can have a huge impact on the vehicles value. But don’t get these repaired on the cheap, as this may look as though you are hiding something more severe.

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