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Flexed is part of Autohorn in York and offers a car subscription from 28 days on a wide range of manufacturers. The standard contract works on a rolling monthly basis with unlimited swaps and changes throughout your time with them.

There is a 2-3 day turnaround on the application and terms will be offered for anyone over the age of 18 without insurance and over 25 with insurance.

Flexed also offers applications from Limited Companies.


Flexed Car Subscriptions

How it Works

To apply for a car subscription with flexed you can contact them using the number on their website or by completing an enquiry form.

  • Register by uploading your driving licence and your proof of address. Credit checks and DVLA checks are then carried out.
  • Cars can be delivered anywhere in the United Kingdom
  • Flexed offer rolling 28 day contracts or fixed 3, 6 or 12 month terms.
  • Vehicles come with 1250 miles per month and carry an excess mileage charge of £0.10 per mile.
  • To change your vehicle or cancel, just contact the office and they will arrange everything required.

Flexed also offers insurance as an extra and you can name two extra drivers.

Costs and Fees

Flexed does not charge a deposit or an administration fee, but they do charge a joining fee (listed below). The costs quoted include insurance, breakdown cover and maintenance. Reasonable wear and tear are covered under the agreement.

  • Joining Fee: £175.00 plus VAT
  • Excess Mileage: £0.10 per mile
  • Prices per Month: £375.00 to £1129.99
  • Delivery and Collection is Chargeable
  • Electric Vehicles Are Available
  • End-of-lease charges are assessed based on individual circumstances
  • Credit Checks are carried our and if you do not meet the right criteria a refundable deposit may be asked for.

Brands and Models

Flexed offers a great range of vehicles including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Fiat
  • Kia
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MINI
  • Land Rover
  • Renault
  • VW
  • Volvo

Flexed also offers a range of Commercial Vehicles.

Notice Periods

Flexed standard notice period is 2 weeks. If you are on a 28 day rolling contract, no notice is required if you want to cancel at the end of the 28 days period.

Comments about Subscription Provider

Flexed offer individuals and companies the ideal starting place for a Car Subscription. 28-day rolling contracts is a massive benefit to customers over companies such as Cazoo and Wagonex.

We also understand from clients that credit check criteria is quite low, so if you do have bad credit Flexed may be the company for you.

UK-wide delivery helps although this is chargeable, collection from their site in York is free.

Social Media Channels

We will update this section when we receive the Social Channels through from Flexed.


Flexed is part of a larger group called Autohorn and are well established in the Car Subscription and Short-Term Car Lease market. They have a great range of vehicles which also include Electric and Hybrid models.

It would be nice to see Flexed invest in Mobile App and their website a little easier to navigate, also it involves a lot of communicating with their offices where most people now like to interact through social platforms and from their smartphones.


Customer Reviews

Carole J

The sales team were great as was the admin team in dealing with the paperwork. The only thing that was a minus was the delivery I'm afraid. The person who delivered was grumpy didn't explain anything about the car nor show me anything on it. His main concern was getting a taxi. I was told he would arrive 10-12 but he didn't arrive until 1:30 and when I pointed that out he didn't apologise either.

Rating:  4/5

Paul M

Really convenient service, I was in need of a short term lease and have been provided a lovely brand new VW E-Up electric car. It’s fantastic and had a seamless experience.

Rating:  5/5

Alex Surtees

See my review under Autohorn, Flexed is another trading name. Very poor service and not recommended at all, they have lost a customer for life.

Rating:  1/5

Larche Smith

About to lease our third vehicle with Flexed, and it will definitely not be our last. Their service is both fast and reliable. Our account manager is kind and always very helpful! Thank you for the excellent service!

Rating:  5/5


Really happy with the flexibility of this service. I was coming off furlough and wanted a short term option for a car whilst I figured out my job security and also avoiding public transport due to coronavirus. Rolling monthly contract that I could cancel anytime after the first 30 days was ideal for me.This feels like an established business, I loved that they were local. My car, was amazing, I loved it. There's some small signs the company is starting to struggle to keep on top of all their demand, just ensure as a customer you double check everything, a few mistakes were made with me. I was also incredibly nervous about leasing a car, it was all new to me and worried through a lack of understanding and confidence of the process and the terms, I would end up with a large unprecedented bill. I had a lot of questions because of this, checking I was doing things right, which I felt they got a bit ticked off with. Overall, the service, despite feeling a bit anxious about it, worked for me. This is by no means the cheapest car option, but for a stopgap, for ultimate flexibility, it works well.

Rating:  5/5

Julian Cook

DO NOT USE FLEXED A week before the delivery of the car, I was first informed that the car I wanted was no longer available and offered a similar make/model but a few days later was informed it was no longer available! Very disappointing and would not recommend it to anyone. I am now 5 days from needing the car and have to scramble to find one. Never again flexed!

Rating:  1/5

Mark Fazakas

Wanted to find a flexible car 'renting' service as owning a vehicle is too much headache. Absolutely no problems with the company, Jordan went out of his way to make everything nice and easy. Would definitely recommend and will be using them for a long time!

Rating:  5/5

Peyman Eftekhari

Not recommended at all. Had my car 6 months. Delivery and collection is not free unlike other companies. Also when they sent the driver to collect the car, their agent confirmed that there was no damage to the car. But after a week i got charged £200 for damages!!! Don't waste your money here.

Rating:  1/5

Phil Smith

Very good place to do business with. A large selection of cars to choose from at really competitive prices. Staff are really friendly which is always a bonus.

Rating:  4/5

Darryll Monroe

Such a friendly bunch of staff make my 6 monthly 'new car day' something I really look forward to.

Rating:  5/5

Ian Ovenden

Do not trust these guys! I requested a car advertised on their website 6 months in advance. They promised ‘something’ would be available. I’m now days from my requested date and they have not provided any suitable options. More importantly, having trusted them I now have zero time on sourcing alternatives. Avoid at all costs

Rating:  1/5

Duro Oye

Amazing service!! Jessica who served and support us through the process was super helpful and always on hand to help. Would highly recommend.

Rating:  4/5

Paul Baxter

Nice to deal with, simple and efficient communication. Would recommend.

Rating:  5/5

Abdul Parkar

If you need a short term lease this is a good way of getting. The staff are quick to response and friendly. Only negative is that they don't have a large selection of cars.

Rating:  4/5

Adam Maclennan

Absolutely appalling customer service and quite rude when dealing with a paying customer. Every excuse under the Sun to delay collection in a bid to charge more money on hire. AVOID

Rating:  1/5

Alan Dunn

I initially had a positive experience of flexed. Car was delivered and concept is great. Issues arose down the line. Issues of business operations and corporate integrity. Emailed to arrange for return, no response. Called to arrange for return, no response. Called multiple times and was promised a call back-which didn't happen. Eventually got a return date for the vehicle, which was missed. Finally, the vehicle was returned. However I was then advised I should pay a significant sum for some very minor and small scratches /scuff of 1 tyre. The amounts are inordinate and completely disproportionate. Read their policy on wear and tear then do yourself a favour and avoid this company. Further, flexed made an unauthorised charge on my credit card! You do not need to be a lawyer to peruse the relevant legislation and work out this activity is illegal. So in summary a not very good company with poor operations, murky corporate governance and dodgy business practices. I wish we had never used them and am not someone who hardly ever gives feedback however in this instance would encourage others to do their homework and avoid them.

Rating:  1/5

Olaniyan K

The process of acquiring a brand new car through Flexed was extremely satisfying from start to finish. I actually opted to visit their office to pick up my car rather than have it delivered partly because I needed to meet the team face and to experience the joy of driving the on a long distance journey first hand. Sarah and Jordan whom were my main contacts did a great job in making sure everything went well. The only downside pertaining to the whole process was the time I can have the vehicle for. I wished it could be longer because it is such a lovely car to drive.

Rating:  5/5

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