Wagonex are based at Stratford in London and offer a car subscription with a limited number of vehicles. Wagonex offer a deposit free solution if you meet their criteria.

A lot of the vehicles listed on Wagonex’s website are displayed with prices based on 24 months, however, shorter terms are available on request. The do list quite a few car subscription offers on a regular basis.

The car subscription from Wagonex includes maintenance, roadside assistance, road fund licence and they also include fully comprehensive insurance for those who qualify.

Customers are responsible for fuel and any related costs such as excess mileage and damage.



How it Works

Wagonex offers a quick and simple online system to get a car, the process is as follows:

  • Select a car
  • Complete details online
  • Send in ID and do their checks with DVLA.
  • Checks can take up to 48 hours
  • Arrange delivery and pay 1st months subscription
  • Give the team a call to switch or pause, and be wary of the minimum term

Speeding Fines and PCN charges are down to the end user and Wagonex currently does not charge for an admin fee for processing these.

Costs and Fees

Wagonex car subscriptions start from approx. £480 per month including VAT, this is for the rental and the insurance. Their subscriptions go up to approx. £800 per month inc. VAT for a high-end vehicle.

Wagonex does not currently charge any admin or deposit fees, the 1st month’s rental is taken when the delivery is arranged. Excess mileage is applicable should the end user go over their contracted allowance.

Cancellation before the end of the term will incur a charge of 50% of the remaining rentals.

Brands and Models

Citroen, DS, Peugeot and Nissan. They also include the brilliant Nissan Leaf Electric Car.

Notice Periods

Wagonex requires 7 days notice on a month-to-month car subscription.

Comments about Subscription Provider

Wagonex is one of the few Car Subscription providers thay do not charge an initial fee or deposit, they also offer a quick turnaround on ID checks and provide the insurance within the subscription.

Social Media Channels

Wagonex are on the following social channels:


Wagonex whilst limited in their brands are ideal for those who don’t want to pay an admin fee or joining fee to take a car subscription.

All of their advertised rates include the VAT and insurance, so you know exactly what your monthly payment will be, with fuelling the vehicle being your only worry.


Customer Reviews

Linda (Wagonex Supplied)

My first experience of having a subscription car has been through Wagonex and I am delighted with the service I have received. From the beginning, the online digital process was really simple and efficient and the car was delivered in perfect condition with no hassle. The customer service and quick responses to queries during the contract have been excellent. I highly recommend this flexible arrangement through Wagonex.

Rating:  5/5


After my review below and as they responsed they did quickly resolve my issue and promised to take on board feedback. My inital review should have been 3 stars not 2 (2 would start to border on dishonest practices which was not the case). Based on contacting me and resolving the issue within a day I have move them back to 4 stars in the hope they take on board the feedback -------------------------------------------------- Pretty terrible, they are insurance brokers as far as i can work out but I have asked for a re-quote on an exisiting subscription and no response.. I really wish there were more reviews before i used them. On my exisiting rental they were so slow to respond to anything. its only once they passed my details to the actual car rental firm (MyCarDirect) that things happened and I experienced actual customer service!

Rating:  4/5

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Contents of Provider

Additional Info


Brands Available

Cars Starting From


Initial Fee Amount (£)


New or Used Cars?

Fueltypes Available?

Customer Types?

Age Restrictions

Over 18

Can you switch cars easily?


Can you pause and restart easily?


Cancellation Period

7 Days

What is the minimum term?

1 Month

Maximum Monthly Mileage Allowance

2000 miles per month


Additional Information

Provider Published: March 24, 2020
Provider Last Updated: March 28, 2023
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