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Bentley Betayga in Green

Whilst many of the readers of this website will be satisfied with the offerings from the listed vehicle subscription providers in the UK, sometimes consumers are looking for something a little bit special.

Whilst we have already touched on prestige cars and SUV’s, we’re going to have a quick look today that those providers who are offering some beautiful luxury vehicles on car subscriptions.

Instead of looking directly at the suppliers, today we’re going to focus on the cars and list the providers who offer these:

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX in Red

This beautiful mid-size luxury crossover SUV is currently available from a select number of vehicle subscription suppliers, offering extremely high levels of comfort and luxury. Vehicles currently available are based on the 550 PS engine from Mercedes-Benz, prices available from the suppliers.

Available from; Cocoon Vehicles, Drive Car Flex, Flexigo Cars, Conduire UK

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Betayga in Green

Not many cars scream luxury than Bentley’s Bentayga. This car has uber comfortable seats and is packed with plenty of technology, although the Bentley is towering, the engine is something else and can accelerate you from standing to 60mph in 4.4 seconds.

Available from; Cocoon Vehicles, Conduire UK

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series in Grey

It’s difficult to decide whether to sit in the front or the back of the car with the BMW 7 series, available from a couple of suppliers in Diesel or Hybrid guises, with most in the long-wheelbase version. You will not be disappointed.

Available from; Mycardirect, Wagonex


BMW iX3 in White

If you are looking for a great-sized fully electric BMW, then the iX3 is an ideal vehicle. Quite a few providers have different specifications including the Premier Edition or the M Sport. Plenty of range available and ideal for London-based subscription customers.

Available from; Cazoo, Cocoon Vehicles, Drive Car Flex, Flexigo

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar i-Pace in Red

Another fantastic pure electric car and one with some outstanding reviews. Various derivatives available but our favourite has to be the HSE model. Real-world range is around 225 miles, so good enough for a long run.

Available from; Pivotal, Flexed, ONTO, Elmo, Mycardirect, Wagonex

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender in White

Land Rover have really hit the sweet spot with their refreshed Defender, providing a chunky and extremely capable off-roader, yet offering the luxury of some of its higher-end Range Rover’s. Available as a commercial vehicle and a road car.

Available from; Pivotal, Cocoon Vehicles, Drive Car Flex, Wagonex, Mycardirect, Flexigo, Short Term Car Leasing Ltd, Conduire UK

Mercedes EQS

Mercedes EQC in Two Tone Black/Silver

The much-awaited Mercedes EQS with up to 450 miles range has finally hit the car subscription providers. It is a beautiful car, full of luxury features and packed with onboard technology. Subscribe to this from just 90 days with the providers below:

Available from; Cocoon Vehicles, Flexigo, Drive Car Flex, Short Term Car Leasing Ltd, Conduire UK

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-Wagon in Grey

Also know as the G-Wagon, this car may look very utilitarian but when it comes to luxury motoring, it will not let you down in any department. Available as the G400d or the G63 AMG, people who like to be noticed, will get noticed.

Available from; Flexigo Cars, Conduire UK

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 in Silver

Yes, Volvo produces one of the greatest SUV’s in the marketplace and includes ‘luxury’ – The Volvo XC90 has 7 seats, amazing onboard technology, mated perfectly with safety features and is available in a range of Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid options.

Available from; Care by Volvo, Flexed, Drive Car Flex

Luxury Cars

Whilst luxury cars aren’t commonplace when it comes to vehicle subscriptions, many of the providers do manage to put their hands on some very special cars. It is always worth bookmarking these providers or subscribing to their social networks.

Is it worth subscribing to a Luxury Car?

This will all depend on your circumstances, if you have a high net worth and want to be seen in the latest cars, a car subscription will be the ideal way to run a luxury vehicle for 6/12 months before swapping into a newer or different model.

It could potentially save you thousands in loss of value to the vehicles with some subscription providers even allowing you to put your own private plate on the front.

Compare Car Subscriptions

You will find it super easy to compare car subscription providers on our website, finding companies that offer truly flexible contracts to those that include insurance. Maybe you want a particular type of car or you really are in the market for a luxury vehicle.

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