Top Vehicle Subscription Providers for March 2022

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Cars in showroom, with orange car being the main focus

We saw a very small increase in traffic for the month of March, with 10,584 visitors to our website during this period. Our team has expanded our social channels with Twitter to work alongside our Facebook and YouTube channels.

In Development

We’re still working on our vehicle feeds to bring you the latest car deals directly to our website, so you can search and click through to your chosen vehicle directly from the Car Subscription website.

We still have no plans to charge any of the providers on our website for listings, yet we do still rely on affiliate links to pay for the running costs of the site.

We have also been approached by a number of channels with regards to guest blogs, we’re going to carry out our research on this and so long as the content is relevant to vehicle subscriptions, we’re hoping to post a few soon.

Most popular subscription providers for March 2022

As per the previous months, we’re going to continue with our Top 5 structure, March results as follows:

Top 5 Listings

Based on page views:

  1. Cocoon Vehicles
  2. Cazoo
  3. Elmo
  4. Flexigo
  5. Flexed

The list above is based on the number of visits to the vehicle subscription providers page as a unique visitor.

Top 5 Click-Outs

Based on Clicks to the Provider’s External Websites:

  1. Cazoo
  2. Cocoon Vehicles
  3. Flexigo
  4. Flexed
  5. Elmo

The list above has been compiled based on the number of click-outs to the car subscription provider’s website, these include any affiliate links where required.


With the worldwide chip shortage making a massive difference in stock levels, the war in Ukraine has also halted the production of many models. The vehicle suppliers who have achieved the best numbers are those with physical stock. Cocoon Vehicle has a number of brand new vehicles available for immediate delivery and Cazoo is utilising its Used Car stock to provide affordable car subscriptions to the public.

Most Popular Articles

Here are the top 5 articles on our blog for March 2022:

  1. Top fuel-saving tips for any car
  2. SUV Car Subscriptions
  3. Are subscriptions the new way of paying monthly for your car?
  4. How long is a Car Subscription Contract?
  5. Can I subscribe to a car through my business?

Please click on any of the articles above to let us know what you’d like to read in our news section.

Van Subscriptions

Our Van Subscriptions section has also been very popular in the month of March 2022. With all of the companies getting a very balanced click-out to their websites. Read more about Van Subscriptions by clicking the highlighted link.

Compare Subscription Providers

Use our website to easily compare vehicle subscription providers in the UK, find the most suitable providers for you, including those that offer Used Cars, fully inclusive insurance or those that offer a higher mileage allowance.

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Post Published: April 4, 2022
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