How long is a Car Subscription Contract?

How long is a Car Subscription Contract?

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Car Subscriptions and Car Leasing can be confusing to those who have never opted for one, and whilst many of the car subscription providers listed on our site might offer 24 or 36-month subscription quotes, it doesn’t mean you need to take a subscription for that length of time.

Car Leasing

When it comes to traditional contract hire and leasing, contract lengths tend to be for 2, 3 or 4 years depending on the deal and the funder. The length of the car lease affects your monthly cost and you might pay a little more for a shorter contract, although this isn’t true in all cases.

Car Subscriptions

Similar to a car lease, the shorter the contract or minimum term, the more the car subscription might cost you per month. Depending on which vehicle subscription you opt for, will depend on the contract type.

For example; Cazoo offers car subscriptions based on contract lengths of 6, 12, 24 or 36-months, whilst it may seem daunting, they only charge £500 to end your agreement early whereas a traditional car lease you would have to pay at least 50% of the outstanding rentals. You’ll see on their website that you can select 6-months and this would be the best option if you only need it for a shorter time.

Flexed offers a 28-day rolling contract on their cars, this is ideal for those who don’t know how long a particular project or job will last and it can be extended to suit your needs. Delivery is available but is an optional cost. Flexed also offers optional insurance.

Cocoon Vehicles offers a range of cars with a minimum commitment of 90 days, you can have the vehicle for less but a higher rate applies. On top of that if you take the vehicle for the minimum term delivery in England & Wales is thrown in. Vehicles are currently showing as in-stock.

Top Tips

Here are a few top tips when choosing a Car Subscription

Don’t Be Price Led

Whilst the headline rate might prove appealing, it might not suit your individual needs. Do you really want to sign up for that length of time? Can you cope with a low mileage allowance? Make sure the deal fits your requirements or you may end up paying more in the long run.

Look after the car

Treat the car as though it’s your own, whilst we know that a few scratches can’t be helped. Try and drive the vehicle carefully and keep your distance from any curbs to avoid refurb charges on those alloys. Each vehicle subscription provider will have its own set of return conditions, read up on them before signing any contracts.

New or Nearly New

If you want a new car that nobody has driven, make sure you dig deep into the vehicle details or ask a member of staff at the car subscription firm before signing any contracts. Not all of the car subscription companies offer new cars as due to the chip shortage many of the companies are recycling their vehicles.

Comparing Car Subscriptions Made Easy

Easily compare vehicle subscription providers using our website. Find the companies that offer included or optional insurance, or those that will deliver to your door. We even show companies that are backed by the vehicle manufacturer such as Pivotal or Care by Volvo. Click the link for more details: Compare Car Subscriptions

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