Van Subscriptions vs. Short-Term Van Leasing

Van Subscriptions vs. Short-Term Van Leasing

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We’ve already touched on the subject of Car Subscriptions vs. Short Term Car Leases in one of our previous articles, but with many of the vehicle subscription providers in the UK offering commercial vehicles, we thought we’d cover the pro’s and con’s of a van subscription.

We’ve already told you it is possible to subscribe to a van, but there is more than one option when it comes to renting or leasing an LCV over a shorter period of time, here are the options available:

Short-Term Van Options

  • Daily Rental Van Hire
  • Van Subscription
  • Short-Term Van Lease

We’re going to look at each options and discuss the positives and the negatives of each one:

Daily Rental Van Hire

The easiest way to get a commercial vehicle on a flexible basis and quick is from a Daily Rental company. Usually vans are in-stock, you don’t usually have to go through any credit checks, you provide your ID, show your driving licence and pay a deposit.

Most companies will also offer you account facilities and you can take the vehicle for 1 day or 365 days, whatever suits you.


The vans are in-stock and the process of obtaining a vehicle is relatively easy. No tie-ins for a set-time and you can extend really easily. Damage is a little more lenient than the other options but this depends on the company. Sometimes they offer unlimited mileage, but this is becoming rare.


The price is much higher than the other options and you can’t always get the exact vehicle you want. You normally have to collect the vehicle from one of the rental locations, depending on the company. Damage can be chargeable and excess is high depending on the offerings.

Van Subscriptions

We’ve already established that Van Subscriptions are provided by quite a few of the companies listed on the website. These can be taken on a rolling monthly contract with some asking for 3 or 6 months minimum commitment, with longer periods available.

With all of the providers, you must go through a credit checking process to obtain a vehicle and checks will also be made on your driving licence. Insurance isn’t always included so it is best to check this out before handing over any money.


Vehicles are usually available in-stock and can be delivered quite quickly. Van’s tend to be either new or have little mileage on them and they come from quite a few different manufacturers including Citroen, Peugeot, Renault and Volkswagen. You might be able to pick a specific vehicle, ideal if you need a vehicle for your business requirements.


Refundable deposits are almost always needed. Not all providers will bill damage based on your trade usage and there may be return standards to adhere to, so if you are in the building trade, etc – best to avoid a van subscription. Some providers want you to take for a minimum period of 90 days to 6 months to get the advertised rate and you will be restricted on mileage.

Short-Term Van Leases

If you don’t mind fixing into a period of between 6 and 12 months, then a short-term van lease might be your best option. These can work out cheaper than both a Van Subscription and a Daily Rental Van Hire, but you won’t be able to extend or reduce the term without penalty.

You will also generally get a brand new vehicle, but you might have to wait a while for delivery. There are more providers of short-term van leases than van subscriptions currently in the UK. Credit checks will be required to get a short-term van lease.


Brand new vehicles and generally delivered to your door. Cheaper than Van Subscriptions and Daily Rental and guaranteed to be yours for the 6 or 12-month contract without any swaps.


Return standards are generally quite strict depending on the provider, so might not be a good option if you know you’re going to be getting a few dints and scratches. You will get a mileage restriction and exceeding this will get you a bill. You might need to wait for delivery of the van, so isn’t the best option if you need a quick turnaround.

Compare Van Subscriptions

Easily compare the different providers of Van Subscriptions on the website. Find out those who have stock available and the process you will need to go through. Click the following link for details: Compare Van Subscriptions

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