Fuel Cards

Gain access to over 2,200 UK wide locations saving over 3p per litre when compared to the Government Weekly diesel fuel pump prices. No hidden costs and easy billing.

Business Fuel Cards

Utilising fuel cards for your business is a fantastic way to help budget your fuel processes whilst saving money at the same time. Especially when compared with an employee expense scheme within the workplace.

Utilising our affiliate partner fuelGenie, you gain access to over 2,200 locations and you can save up to 3p per litre against the Government Weekly diesel pump price. Opt for the standard fuelGenie card and there are no hidden card charges or surchages as found with many of the other business fuel card providers.

Utilise supermarket forecourts for your business including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tescos. Pay a small monthly charge for the fuelGenie+ card and open up the Shell network.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Recommend fuelGenie

How do Fuel Cards Work?

Business Fuel Cards allow company employees to easily fill up at petrol stations up and down the UK. Instead of having to pay by a personal card or cash, the employee presents the fuel card and the company is billed directly from the fuel card provider.

With fuelGenie, only UK businesses can apply for an account. These include small to large businesses with 1 or multiple vehicles.

Companies can provide a card for a vehicle or to an employee and it also allows you to restrict to certain fuels or purchases.

With fuelGenie, if the applicant opts for the standard card these can currently be used at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Tesco petrol forecourts.

If you upgrade to the fuelGenie+ card, this opens up Shell Petrol Stations up and down the UK.

You can easily use their Station Finder via the app or on their website.

It is really simple to use a fuelGenie card for your petrol or diesel purchases:

  1. Drive to a participating garage, this is currently Morrisons, Sainsburys or Tescos (Shell included if you opt for the fuelGenie+ card)
  2. Fill up your vehicle with petrol or diesel.
  3. Give the fuelGenie card to the cashier and use your supermarket loyalty card (where applicable).
  4. Give the cashier your registration number
  5. You may also be asked for your mileage
  6. You will then sign for your transaction
  7. You will be given your card back along with a receipt for your records.
  8. The company will then receive the charge at their billing date.

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