EV Charging Cables

EV Charging Cables

Having the correct charging cable for your new electric car is crucial to getting the best out of your car/van and more importantly your safety. Our affiliation with EV King will help you find the best charging cables for your car whether you need a spare for the frunk or may be you need a longer charging cable, take a look to see all of the electric car charging cables that are available to buy online.

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Understanding EV Charging Cables

Not all EV charging cables are the same, so it is really important that you invest in the right cable, with the correct connector for your electric car.


These are available as Type 1, Type 2, CCS or CHAdeMO

Charge Speeds

This relates to how much power the cable can deliver safely. In the United Kingdom, this can range from 10am to 22kw.


Most cables that come with your new electric vehicle come as a 5m length. EV King offers cables upto and including 15m and 20m.


There are three different types of cable; tethered charging cable, portable charging cable and standard charging cable.

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