Sixt+ is operated by a larger group specialising in worldwide car rental called Sixt. Available up and down the UK and utilising existing car hire locations across the country. Unlike other vehicle subscription providers and very much like a traditional car rental business, when signing up for a subscription Sixt uses existing vehicles and therefore you generally subscribe to a group instead of a specific vehicle.

Customers do have a great choice of vehicles from small to large SUV’s and can be easily booked using their dedicated website or via the App. Sixt requires a minimum 30 day commitment and anyone over the age of 21 can utilise the subscription service.

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How it Works

Sixt’s set-up is similar to other vehicle subscription providers and the sign-up can be done via their website or the Sixt Smartphone App:

  1. Select the car group
  2. Select the Pickup Location
  3. Select the Date of Pickup
  4. Choose Extras (eg. Additional Mileage, Extra Drivers, Child Seats
  5. Complete the sign-up process where Sixt will carry out credit checks and driver checks.
  6. When your subscription ends, you can take out a new one and receive a new vehicle or you can extend your existing vehicle for up to 3 months.

It is important to note that cancellation is only possible at the end of the minimum term. The car must be returned to the original pickup location operated by Sixt, alternative locations may be possible but a charge may be levied. No delivery or collection is offered at present.

Costs and Fees

Sixt’s joining fee is currently £249.00 as well as a Short-Term availability charge of £549.00 per month, this is on top of the subscription that starts at £499 (Kia Ceed or similar) per month. Sixt ask for a 30-day minimum commitment.

The price per month includes:

  • Third Party Insurance
  • 500 Free Miles Per Month
  • Loss Damage Waiver (£1950 financial responsibility)
  • Routine Maintenance and Servicing
  • Roadside Assistance

Unlike many of the other vehicle subscription providers in the UK, Sixt+ also offers a range of extras, these include:

  • Additional Mileage (up to 3,000 miles per month)
  • Lower Financial Responsibility down to £450
  • Tyre and Glass Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • Roadside Protection (Lost Keys, Fuel Service or Dead Battery)
  • Guaranteed Sat Nav Option
  • Additional Driver
  • UK & Ireland Recovery (For trips to islands in Britain and Ireland)
  • Replacement Car Guarantee
  • Child Seats

You will be liable for any damage inflicted to the vehicle as well as any excess mileage charges.

Brands and Models

Sixt has a huge pool of vehicles available on their rental and subscription schemes, with vehicle availability differing from site-to-site. Unlike other providers, you do not subscribe to a specific vehicle rather than a group, sample vehicles are clearly displayed on their website which include brands such as:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Kia
  • Skoda
  • VW
  • Volvo
  • Ford
  • Peugeot

They also offer a small range of Van Subscriptions in their range of vehicles.

Notice Periods

Sixt+ Car Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by giving the required notice. The subscription runs month-to-month so you will not receive a refund for any days if you cancel mid 30-day period. You must return your vehicle back to the pickup location but for a small fee you can arrange to return your vehicle back to one of the many Sixt locations in the UK.

Comments about Subscription Provider

The Sixt+ Car Subscription is a great service and utilising their well thought out website and mobile app, you can easily choose a vehicle group, collection location and any extras and get a car booked relatively easy.

Sixt guarantee that the vehicle will be less than 6 months old so, unlike other providers, you may not be receiving a totally new vehicle but with the large range of vehicles available their choice of vehicle type is impressive.

Location is key for Sixt and with many branches operating up and down the UK including London Heathrow, their presence in the UK might be enough to sway you to book a car through their system.

Social Media Channels

Sixt is currently operating on the following Social Media channels:


Sixt is really piling a lot of time and money into their UK and Worldwide presence. With it being a global brand there is a lot of trust when it comes to taking a car subscription through this company.

Whilst you don’t subscribe to a specific vehicle, due to the month-to-month arrangement you can effectively change your car on a monthly basis or extend your current car for up to 3 months. It is pot luck when it comes to vehicles and you are not guaranteed to get a brand new vehicle, but it will be under 6-months old.

The prices aren’t as competitive as many of the companies, but what you are getting is a trusted brand to look after you.

Customer Reviews

Matt Cannon

Charged me £77 for cancellation for a car subscription, even though it was for months in advance and no inconvenience from Sixt would have been incurred. Customer service have no willingness to engage with the problem or help.

Rating:  1/5

Grant Michaels

Shockingly poor customer service and business practices from their Sixt Plus subscription service. One would be advised to look into Sixt feedback/reviews before making a booking. Offerings such as Care by Volvo or JLR's Pivotal are much better priced and have greatly better service.

Rating:  1/5


Using the subscription service and reting since a year. Crap customer service. Might be ok for a day or two, but they manage to fail on you and do not even try to fix the situation.

Rating:  1/5

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- Audi
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- Kia
- Renault
- Skoda
- Volvo
- Ford
- Volkswagen

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30 Days

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