From 2030, the Government in the UK have imposed a ban of the sale of Diesel and Petrol cars so it has been more important than ever to consider a pure electric car.

A car subscription is an ideal way to trial an electric vehicle in your day-to-day commute or lifestyle, utilising these schemes you can see the benefits before completely committing to a long-term car lease or purchase.

The providers below offer electric vehicles on their subscription platforms, there will be pro’s and con’s to each of the vehicles offered, but their teams will be on hand to assist.

Electric Subscription Providers

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Benefits of driving and Electric car

There are lots of benefits to driving an electric car, these include:

– Saving money over a traditional ICE vehicle

– Better for the environment

– Electric cars drive very different to ICE’s with instant torque and even brake regen

– Always have a full battery with overnight home charging

– Some employers offer free workplace charging

– Currently no charges for the London Congestion Zone

Electric Cars are cheaper to run

Their is a huge difference in the running costs when comparing Electric Vehicles vs. Petrol/Diesel cars.

If you have a charger at home, the costs can be even better than using a public charger daily, with some fantastic tariffs from the energy suppliers when you go on to one of their electric vehicle tariffs.

Electric cars also require less maintenance and servicing, whilst this isn’t too much of an issue when you take and EV on a car subscription, it saves you time on taking the car to your local dealer to have a routine check-up.