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Mocean is a manufacturer subscription service backed by Hyundai (Also see Genesis Flexibility). Whilst relatively new and restricted to a handful of dealers in London, their pricing and car range will not disappoint.

Mocean offer both new and used Hyundai’s from 3 months, with their lowest subscription rates based on 24 months.

Easily signup online and choose your options.

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Mocean Subscriptions Logo

How it Works

The registration process is very slick and can be done online via their website:

1. Choose a car
2. Create an account
3. Upload your documentation
4. Collect your Hyundai

The documentation required includes your driving licence and passport, further documents may be requested as part of identity and credit checks.

Costs and Fees

The costs of the vehicles are pretty reasonable depending on whether you choose a used or new car. All cars come with 800 miles per month as standard and these can be increased when you go through the signup process. Additional charges apply for:

  • Shorter contract lengths (3 months minimum)
  • Monthly Mileage (800 miles minimum)
  • Insurance Age Groups (Additional for all age groups)

All contracts work out cheaper the longer you commit, early termination charges do apply if you are to send the car back earlier. The price difference per month between most 3 to 24 months is around £175.

Collection charges apply at the end of the contract, but you can opt to return the vehicle back to the specified dealer.

Brands and Models

As this is a manufacturer-backed subscription service, only Hyundai’s are available.

Notice Periods

If you wish to return the vehicle at the end of the contract, you must provide 1 month’s notice. It may not be possible to extend your subscription past the contract period, depending on the vehicle’s status.

If you are looking at swapping your car, the new vehicle must be arranged and confirmed 1 month prior to the end of the contract.

Comments about Subscription Provider

We love a manufacturer-backed subscription program, joining the likes of Pivotal and Care by Volvo. We’re sure Mocean will really put a foot in the door with their fantastic range of cars, which will only grow.

It is really easy to create a car and order a vehicle to collect. The only downside at this moment in time is the restrictions around using their handpicked London dealers, this will change in the future.

Insurance can be the sticking point here, as it is an additional cost for all age groups, with no visible way to use your own fully comprehensive insurance.

Social Media Channels

Mocean is on the following social media channel/s:

– YouTube


Whilst new, there is a huge potential for Hyundai and their Mocean Subscription service. They have a great range of cars already available with the only downside at the moment is restricting their dealers to the London area.

Many people will like their simple sign up’s and it’s easy to add mileage and choose insurance.

It can be pricey for those wanting a shorter duration and might suit those who need a subscription for 12 months plus.


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Brands Available

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Initial Fee Amount (£)


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Age Restrictions

25 plus

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Cancellation Period

1 Month

What is the minimum term?

3 Months

Maximum Monthly Mileage Allowance

2,000 miles per month


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Provider Published: May 5, 2022
Provider Last Updated: March 28, 2023
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