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A truly all-inclusive car subscription might not include that vital document, the car insurance. So today we’ll cover the car subscription providers that offer insurance as standard or as an option, we’ll also cover the pro’s and con’s of car subscriptions with insurance.

Why include car insurance?

Some people want the ease of one payment leaving their bank account and when choosing and comparing a car subscription, insurance can be an important factor to make the deal worthwhile.

If you include fully comprehensive insurance in the contract, all you need to worry about is fuel or charging your car and looking after it. Plus getting quotes for effectively a lease car can prove hard work.

Providers that include insurance

A number of vehicle subscription providers include insurance as standard on their cars, these include Sixt+, Elmo, Voltric and Wagonex. There will be age restrictions for each provider and it will matter if you have points on your licence, so get these details double-checked before you send any money across.

Options for adding insurance

Some of the providers have insurance as a “bolt-on” product, these include Flexed. They will have tie-in’s with an insurance broker and will ask for all of your details to get you a quote, this can save you time in obtaining quotes for cover yourself.

Use your own insurance

Of course, you could actually provide your own insurance. This will always have to be fully comprehensive and each subscription provider will have its own stipulation. It is important to notify your insurance provider that you will not be the registered keeper of the vehicle and that the vehicle is a subscription or a lease car.

The majority of the providers will allow you to use their own insurance these include Cocoon Vehicles, Flexigo, Conduire and Drive Car Flex. It could work out cheaper by providing your own fully comprehensive cover or even a fleet policy, something we’ll cover below.

Get a Quote for Car Subscription Insurance

We’ve partnered with QuoteZone to help you compare over 110 car insurance providers in the UK, just remember to put your new vehicle down as a lease vehicle and fill in the details to get an insurance quote within minutes. CLICK TO GET A QUOTE

Top Tips on Your Subscription Insurance

Many of the larger providers such as Wagonex and Cazoo will try and tempt you to sign in for a longer contract, such as 24 or 36 months. Others such as Flexed (28 days) and Cocoon (90 days) will offer shorter rolling contracts.

With the latter companies, short-term car insurance will prove an expensive option, so here are a few top tips for getting the best deal on your car subscription insurance:

  • Take out a 12-month policy – Even with a cancellation charge, they can still be cheaper than a 3 or 6-month car insurance policy.
  • Move your existing policy – If you already have a car insurance policy, make enquiries to see how much it will be to swap over to your new motor.
  • Fleet policyholders – If you are a business, then you will no doubt have a fleet policy. Get your broker or provider to add the vehicle on.
  • If you have to provide your own insurance, shop the marketplace. Use our (affiliate) link below to compare the market.

Compare Vehicle Subscriptions

Every customer who is looking for a vehicle subscription is different, so make sure you compare the services of each and every one. Use our website to find a car that fits your lifestyle.

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