Top Subscription Providers for September 2023

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Orange Porsche 911 driving down an autumnal road

In September we saw 7,882 visitors come to the website, helping them to compare the different providers in the UK or to gain information on other subjects. They may have also come to the site to check out the latest deals available in the UK.

September saw the launch of 73 plates in the UK and is always a popular time to either search for a vehicle or take delivery of a new car.

Orange Porsche 911 driving down an autumnal road

Popular Subscription Providers for September 2023

The figures we use are currently based on Google Analytics data only, as we feel this gives usa more realistic figure compared to our own internal systems.

Cazoo and ONTO have been excluded from the figures below as they both are currently no longer offering car subscriptions.

Click-Outs for September 2023

The numbers below are based on the number of visitors to the providers external website from the providers page, it does not include any of their advertised vehicles or advertising banners. Cazoo and ONTO have been excluded from the numbers below:

Disclaimer: Cazoo  and ONTO would have been in this chart for September 2023.
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September has been a very busy month behind the scenes especially after the collapse of ONTO into administration, our enquiries team has been supporting customers of ONTO with alternative providers.

We are hoping that new listing Drive Fuze will be going live in the not too distant future and we have also had notification from Volvo that the “Care by Volvo” name has been dropped to simply; “Subscriptions”

We are also pleased to announce our new insurance comparison tool for those subscription companies that do not supply insurance with their vehicles. Click on the highlighted link above to find out more.

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