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Leaseplan is a huge company and a major player in the car leasing field. They have thousands of vehicles across several countries.

Leaseplan offer both car subscriptions and leases, the former they offer with car insurance included and is primarily aimed at business customers. Their UK offices are based in Slough, but they offer delivery and collection of their vehicles across the country.

Leaseplan make it easy to swap between a Car Subscription and a lease with ease.

Leaseplan Subscribe and Drive


Leaseplan Car Subscription

How it Works

Leaseplan offer the range of vehicles on their website to choose from. Once you have found a vehicle, simply register your details and the details of the car subscription will become available.

Leaseplan run ID checks and driving licence checks. The minimum subscription is 3 months, after the initial period the contract continues but with a 14 day cancellation period. You are able to upgrade or downgrade.

Maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and road tax is included within the monthly rental. The only thing you need to pay for is fuel or electricity.

Costs and Fees

Leaseplan do not confirm all of their details on their website until you have been in contact with a member of the team. Leaseplan do say that there is no deposit and no penalty for cancellation after the first 3 months, so long as 14 days notice is given.

Brands and Models

Leaseplan have access to the whole of the market place, covering a wide range of brands from several manufacturers.

Fully Electric and Hybrid vehicles are also available on a subscription.

Notice Periods

After the initial 3 months, the contract continues until 14 days written notice has been received. You are able to upgrade or downgrade with ease.

Comments about Subscription Provider

With Leaseplan being part of a huge company, running thousands of vehicles, subscription customers will have peace of mind when it comes to getting a dedicated service for their car subscription.

Leaseplan have a fantastic reputation in the car leasing industry and this will flow through to their car subscription model.

With more choice of vehicles than many of the smaller car subscription companies, you should easily find a vehicle that fits within your needs and budgets.

Important Note. We have received communication that Car Subscriptions with Leaseplan will be transitioning to Cazoo, please click on the highlighted link for details.

Social Media Channels

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Leaseplan is a huge company and the car subscription service is an additional service on top of their traditional car leasing offering.

With more choices of vehicles than the smaller car subscription service and insurance included, its a great benefit to many customers.


Customer Reviews

Nigel Wilkins

I had an extremely protracted and unsatisfying experience with this compnay while trying to return a lease car following move abroad - mostly because of being shunted from one department to another and no-one taking responsibility for helping me resolve the problem. Eventually, at great expense and worry to myself, I got the problem sorted and metaphorically threw my hands in the air and resolved to 'move on'. I was more than a little surprised, therefore, to be contacted some months after the event by their Complaints Department who had investigated their own behaviour throughout the case and agreed I had been treated not unfairly (the original problem was my responsibility) but poorly and without consideration. This was good to hear but the representative went on to agree a sum in compensation which was entirely fair and which I was very glad to accept. I am very happy with the way this representative presented himself and the resolution he proposed. Circumstances mean I'm unlikely to use Leaseplan again (I have moved abroad... hence the difficulties) but, were I to find myself back in the UK I would use them again.

Rating:  5/5


Poor communication they didnt know what was going on and really dragged out the whole process.

Rating:  2/5


Great service. Very informative, effective and efficient at arranging my vehicle. Would highly recommend.

Rating:  5/5

Kirk Bell

Lease plan have a great customer service team but they use Halfords to service your vehicle. Halfords are difficult and unprofessional. Having your car serviced and repaired is a painful experience that puts me off using lease plan

Rating:  3/5

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Brands Available

Cars Starting From


Initial Fee Amount (£)


New or Used Cars?

Fueltypes Available?

Customer Types?

Age Restrictions

25 Plus

Can you switch cars easily?


Can you pause and restart easily?


Cancellation Period

14 Days

What is the minimum term?

3 Months

Maximum Monthly Mileage Allowance

2000 miles per month


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Provider Published: July 6, 2021
Provider Last Updated: July 27, 2023
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