Volvo Car Subscription

Care by Volvo is a flexible car subscription service from Volvo Cars - allowing customers access to pre-built cars or configuration cars.

Subscriptions carry on month-to-month until 3-months notice is given but the benefit to the Volvo service is that you will get full access to the Volvo range of cars, Volvo on Call is included as well as routine servicing through Volvo Dealerships.

Care by Volvo offers a great range of Plugin-Hybrid and Pure Electric vehicles.


Sixt+ is operated by a larger group specialising in worldwide car rental called Sixt. Available up and down the UK and utilising existing car hire locations across the country. Unlike other vehicle subscription providers and very much like a traditional car rental business, when signing up for a subscription Sixt uses existing vehicles and therefore you generally subscribe to a group instead of a specific vehicle.

Customers do have a great choice of vehicles from small to large SUV's and can be easily booked using their dedicated website or via the App. Sixt requires a minimum 30-day commitment and anyone over the age of 21 can utilise the subscription service.


Car Subscriptions UK


What are Car Subscriptions?

Car Subscriptions are a great way of running a car on a month-to-month basis, similar to traditional contract hire and leasing but without the tie-ins or responsibility of ownership or long-term leases.

What a car subscription service, you can quickly get a car, usually within a few days and keep it for as little as a month.

You then have the option to pause, upgrade or downgrade easily without any penalties or additional fees.

Car Subscriptions sit nicely between daily rental vehicles from the likes of Avis and Hertz and long-term contract hire and leasing from companies such as Arval and Lex Autolease.

With Car Subscriptions many of the providers include the rental, maintenance, servicing and breakdown cover as part of their monthly payment, some even offer optional insurance.

Your responsibilities are nice and simple, keep the car in good order, report any breakdowns, service the car adhering to the manufacturer guidelines and return the car within its standards. You will of course need to fuel it and insure it, where required.

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Car Subscription Providers in the UK

The Car Subscription market is growing everyday, with more and more providers dipping their toes in the water to see if it works for their business model.

Many of these car subscription providers cover the basics within their payment, which includes: Breakdown Cover, Road Fund Licence, Servicing and Maintenance. However, some of them may impose age restrictions, deposits, the inclusion of insurance and administration charges such as PCN processing fees and late payments.

Many of the Car Subscription businesses offer Electric Cars and Hybrid Vehicles, which is an ideal way to try these new vehicles on fleet before committing long term.

Some of the companies also offer corporate facilities such as accounts and account managers, along with VAT invoices, this can make managing a fleet much easier for many business owners.

How much are Car Subscriptions?

The cost of a monthly car subscription depends on the type of vehicle, the mileage requirements and the length of time you’d like to commit to.

Depending on the car subscription company, the longer the car subscription term, the cheaper the subscription.

Prices can be found from £200 per month to £3,500 per month for high-end cars or prestige vehicles.

It is also a great way to trial electric cars in your fleet, with many of the car subscription providers offering these cars for not much more than a traditional lease.

Look out for things like joining fees, refundable deposits, admin charges and return standards, these all differ from company to company.

Why use our website to compare?

Unlike other Car Subscription comparison websites, we do not allow bidding for the subscription providers to fight to be top place, the website randomisers many of the lists on the website and whilst we do operate affiliate links the only other advertising we allow is banners.

We also check each and every vehicle subscription provider before they are accepted on to the website for a listing. This covers FCA requirements, if they are members of the BVRLA and their reviews. This is to help you and stop you from being scammed by bogus companies.

We also look at the company history to make sure that they are established and that their accounts look in order, we make sure that the Directors do not have too many failed companies behind them or any negative press.

Car Subscription Deals

If you want to see the latest Car Subscription Deals in one place, we’re currently trialling advertising of subscription offers from a handful of providers in the UK including elmo, Cocoon, Drive Car Flex, Pivotal and Care by Volvo. We’re hoping more companies will come on board soon.

In the meantime, please use the button below to display over 150 of the latest offers.

Car Subscriptions vs. Traditional Leasing/Buying

The biggest positive to car subscriptions is flexibility. If you needed to end a car lease early, there would be large penalities to pay. If you sold a vehicle, you might make a loss.

Car Subscriptions also have the benefit of not having to pay for road fund licences, MOT, servicing, breakdown cover and sometimes insurance.

With the flexibility side of things, you can pause, upgrade or downgrade really easily. This way you could actually drive a different car every month, or each time a new plate comes out from the DVLA.

Car Subscriptions vs. Renting

A car rental is a short term solution and although many of the mainstream companies offer long term solutions, generally car subscriptions can work out cheaper, especially over a longer period.

Insurance excesses can be quite high and if opting for an Excess waiver, this can workout extremely costly.

With cars in short supply at the moment, the prices of rental cars have gone through the roof and whilst car subscription prices have increased, they do work out better value.

Are Car Subscriptions Worth It?

This all depends on the Car Subscription provider and vehicle that you use. Subscriptions are ideal for those who want a flexible contract and haven’t got a massive amount of money to put down.

Some of the Car Subscription companies also offer used cars which may prove to be cheaper than a new car subscription vehicle.

It is also worth bearing in mind the location of the car subscription as sometimes high delivery costs can be off putting.

Used Car and Nearly New Car Subscriptions

If you’re not overly bothered about driving a brand new car, then a number of our suppliers offer used car subscriptions and nearly new car subscriptions. Some of these deals offer a typically lower cost per month than a brand new car. Find out more here: Used Car Subscriptions

Car Subscription for Businesses

Why commit into a 2/3 year car lease for an employee when a month-to-month car subscription will offer you more flexibility and allow you to expand or reduce your fleet with ease. You could be running 5 or 100 vehicles, the scability of many of the vehicle subscription providers is excellent.

Car Subscriptions will become the new standard for vehicle fleets saving time, money and the hassle usually associated with managing a large amount of vehicles.

Vehicles Available In-Stock

Many of the providers on our website have cars in physical stock, making the time of ordering to delivery of the vehicle extremely quick.

This is ideal for those who need to get a set of wheels quickly may be because you have taken advantage of the higher than normal used car prices and awaiting a new model, change in circumstances or you just need a car for a set amount of time and don’t want the commitment a traditional car lease requires.

Insurance for Car Subscription Vehicles

Not all car subscription providers bundle insurance into their offering, sometimes it can work out more expensive by opting for a truly insured vehicle subscription. We’ve teamed up with Quote Zone to provide you with a new portal to get you the best price on your insurance.

Just enter the make/model/derivative into the system along with your personal details and insurance history, the system will then go and fetch the prices from multiple providers.

Van Subscriptions

Yes, it is possible to subscribe to a commercial vehicle and we’re proud to advertise a number of these subscription providers that offer a van subscription service. One monthly payment covers all of the essentials to help you with your business with the benefit that it works out cheaper than traditional van rental.

We even work with a number of providers that offer vans to specialist companies such as couriers and logistics businesses.

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