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Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo is the manufacturers own version of a Car Subscription service, allowing customers to access pre-built cars or build their own all on long-term subscriptions.

Subscriptions carry on month-to-month until 3-months notice is given but the benefit to the Volvo service is that you will get full access to the Volvo range of cars, Volvo on Call is included as well as servicing through Volvo Dealerships.

Drive Car Flex - Car Subscriptions

Drive Car Flex

Drive Car Flex –  Car Subscriptions have over 100 brand new and nearly new vehicles based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and can be taken for a minimum period of 1 month and you can keep the same vehicle for up to 12 months, without those awkward swap overs.

Part of Cocoon Vehicles, a reputable and long-established company, the Drive Car Flex Subscription scheme is part of a partnership formed with a flexi-rental firm based in Leeds, but with the help and support of the systems provided by Cocoon.

All of the car subscriptions include rental, maintenance, road fund licence, vehicle warranty and 24hr breakdown assistance. All the customer has to do is provide is insurance and fuel.

Cocoon Vehicles offer a Car Subscription Service

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

Cocoon Vehicles are based in Derby, in the middle of the UK. They have been offering a car subscription service since 2007 and are very well established in the car industry.

Cocoon Vehicles offers flexible car subscriptions from 1 month up to 12 months and have a bank of at least 300 vehicles, which seems to be much higher than other providers.

Cocoon’s service includes maintenance, road fund licence, breakdown cover, and service. All customer needs to do is fuel and insure their vehicles, which they feel works out cheaper than one who offers an inclusive package.

Cocoon also offers incentives for subscriptions over 90 days with free delivery in England & Wales when the Documentation Fee has been paid.

Short Term Car Lease Website

Short Term Leasing Ltd

Short Term Car Leasing Ltd is part of Cocoon Vehicles and has access to all of the same vehicles.

They have been offering a car subscription service since 2007 and are established in the market place and have 5 star Google reviews to back up their reputation.

Vehicles can be taken on flexible car subscriptions from 1 month and the majority of the vehicles can be taken for up to 1 year, so no awkward swapovers.

The subscriptions include maintenance, rental, road fund licence, vehicle warranty and 24hr breakdown assistance. All you need to provide is fully comprehensive insurance or a fleet policy and fuel.

They also offer a Flexible Vehicle service if you commit to 90 days or more. Whilst you pay a documentation fee, delivery is included in England and Wales.

Flexigo Car Subscriptions in the UK


Flexigo Cars offers a service enabling you to get a car subscription on a wide range of vehicles on an “all-inclusive” model. All you need to do is provide the insurance and the fuel.

Flexigo Car Subscription Service is ideal for those classed as Non-Status, this means new-start business, those with adverse or bad credit, expats or customers with bad credit.

It is also a good option for those who don’t want too many checks carried out or those who don’t want their car lease to show up on a credit report, ideal for mortgages.

Drover Website


Drover is a car subscription provider that has a huge range of vehicles. They have vehicles from £300 which include the rental, maintenance, breakdown assistance and road fund licence. Insurance is now optional and it is possible to provide your own.

Drover is paperfree and you are required to upload your ID and documents to their online portal. They also offer a part exchange service.

Drover also operate a PCO subscription service which is ideal for Uber Drivers.

What are Car Subscriptions?

Car Subscriptions are a great way of running a car on a month-to-month basis, similar to traditional contract hire and leasing but without the tie-ins or responsibility of ownership or long term leases.

What a car cubscription service, you can quickly get a car, usuaully within a few days and keep it for as little as a month.

You then have the option to pause, upgrade or downgrade easily without any penalties or additional fees.

Car Subscriptions sit nicely between daily rental vehicles from the likes of Avis and Hertz and long term contract hire and leasing from companies such as Arval and Lex Autolease.

With Car Subscriptions many of the providers include the rental, maintenance, servicing and breakdown cover as part of their monthly payment, some even offer optional insurance.

You responsibilities are nice and simple, keep the car in good order, report any breakdowns, service the car adhereing to the manufacturer guidelines and return the car within its standards. You will of course need to fuel it and insure it, where required.

Car Subcription Providers in the UK

The Car Subscription market is growing everyday, with more and more providers dipping their toes in the water to see if it works for their business model. Here is a list of providers already operating car subscriptions in the UK:

Many of these car subscription providers cover the basics within their payment, which includes: Breakdown Cover, road Fund Licence, Servicing and Maintenance. However, some of them may impose age restrictions, deposits, the inclusion of insurance and administration charges such as PCN processing fees and late payments.

Many of the Car Subscription businesses offer Electric Cars and Hybrid Vehicles, which is an ideal way to try these new vehicles on fleet before committing long term.

Some of the companies also offer corporate facilities such as accounts and account managers, along with VAT invoices, this can make managing a fleet much easier for many business owners.

How much are Car Subscriptions?

The cost of a monthly car subscription depends on the type of vehicle, the mileage requirements and the length of time you’d like to commit to.

Depending on the car subscription company, the longer the car subscription term, the cheaper the subscription.

Prices can be fround from £200 per month up to £2000 per month for high end cars or prestige vehicles.

It is also a great way to trial electric cars in your fleet, with many of the car subscription providers offering these cars for not much more than a traditional lease.

Look out for things like joining fees, refundable deposits, admin charges and return standards, these all differ from company to company.

Car Subscriptions vs. Traditional Leasing/Buying

The biggest positive to car subscriptions is flexibibility. If you needed to end a car lease early, there would be large penalities to pay. If you sold a vehicle, you might make a loss.

Car Subscriptions also have the benefit of not having to pay for road fund licences, MOT, servicing, breakdown cover and sometimes insurance.

With the flexibility side of things, you can pause, upgrade or downgrade really easily. This way you could actually drive a different car every month, or each time a new plate comes out from the DVLA.

Car Subscriptions vs. Renting

A car rental is a short term solution and although many of the mainstream companies offer long term solutions, generally car subscriptions can work out cheaper, especially over a longer period.

Insurance excesses can be quite high and if opting for an Excess waiver, this can workout extremely costly.