Who offers Used Car Subscriptions?

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Tesla Vs Mercedes - Used Car Subscriptions

If you’re not overly bothered about driving a shiny new car on a subscription, then more and more of the providers are offering used car subscriptions, these are cars that are generally over 1/2 years old.

Tesla Vs Mercedes - Used Car Subscriptions

Benefits of a Used Car Subscription

There are a few benefits to opting for a used car subscription, so lets take a look:


If the monthly price is important to you, then a used car would work out much cheaper compared with a new car.

More Choice

Opting for a used car will give you more choice across more makes and models, you might be able to drive that little sports car for 6 months for less than you think.

Maintenance Included

As we know, used cars may be more prone to maintenance or even breaking down. By choosing a subscription product, servicing and breakdown assistance is included as standard.

Cons against a Used Car Subscription


Older cars may be prone to breaking down and may not be as reliable. But with maintenance and breakdown included, this may not be too much of an issue.

Used is Used

You won’t be the first person to drive this car and you won’t know how the car was driven with the previous owner, this might put many customers off.


Whilst many used cars go through inspections, they may not be free from any imperfections. They may have a few dints and scratches that cannot be fully repaired, or at worst repaired accident damage.

Nearly New or Used Cars

Whilst there is a handful of vehicle subscription providers who offer used cars, if you don’t mind a nearly new car with a few miles on the clock, your offerings have just opened a little wider.

Peugeot 3008

Due to ongoing supply restraints due to the chip shortage and the war in Ukraine, many of the providers are recycling more of their vehicles. It is always worth a look out.

Used Car Subscription Providers

The following providers offer Used Cars on their subscription programs:

Nearly New Car Subscription Providers

Compare New or Used Car Subscription Providers

Using our website, you can easily compare vehicle subscription providers in the UK. Find out those who offer new or used cars, those who offer inclusive insurance or those that offer truly flexible car subscriptions.

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