Used Car

The vehicle providers below, may offer used cars on their subscription programs.

These will be vehicles that will have been out to customers before and may have mileage and/or damage on the vehicle, although it is known that many of the companies will refurbish their cars before delivering back out to new customers.

The benefits to you may include cheaper monthly car subscription costs and a vehicle that may have been out and has had any bugs fixed under warranty.

Please see the selection of Used Car subscription providers below.

Used Car Subscription Providers

More Information

Due to the worldwide chip shortage, more and more car subscription companies are having to ‘recycle’ their stock.

By recycling we mean instead of disposing of the vehicles via a dealership or auction, they will be refurbished to a high standard and ‘re-rented’ on a another car subscription customer.

Many of the companies haven’t really had a choice over this matter, new cars promised by the manufacturers haven’t arrived due to the worldwide chip shortage and those that have come through have had discounts removed making them impossible to work on a subscription basis.

Top Tips for Used Cars

If you are looking at taking a used car subscription, we recommend that on the day of delivery and before the agent has left.

Go over the vehicle for any damage. Anything you spot, take photos or video of and let your subscription provider know.

This will help prevent any nasty surprises at the end of your contract.