Top tips for sending your car subscription back

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Lady inspecting Alloy Wheel

Whilst many of our articles on car subscriptions are focused on those looking to take a new vehicle, we thought we offer some top tips on those already with a car and looking to send it back. Or you might want to learn something before committing to a vehicle subscription.

So we have put together a few top tips on what you should do towards the end.

Top Tips

Sending your car subscription back

Many of the vehicle subscription providers will require notice to send your car back. Depending on whether you have a fixed or flexible subscription will determine the process. Some of the proviers require 5 days notice, others a month, some even longer.

You may also need to read your contract, if you signed up for a minimum period you may be required to pay a termination charge, other providers require you to cancel towards the end of your billing date so you don’t get charged an additional month.

Some of the listed providers will only charge you for the time in the vehicle, if you have paid a month upfront, they will credit this back when they finalise your account.

Collection or Return

Depending on the company, they may require you to have your vehicle collected. In most cases across the providers, there will be a charge levied for this. Some will allow you to return the vehicle back to one of their centres, but this may be miles away from where you live.

If you opt for a collection, or return, it is important to adhere to the vehicle subscription provider return conditions, many do not have to follow the BVRLA’s fair, wear and tear guide and it is important to understand the procedures.

Driving a BMW at night

When returning your car or having it collected, your vehicle will probably just have a quick visual check over your vehicle with a report outlining any damage that stands out, it is important that your car is clean for this. Once complete, it will be returned to the suppliers where a more thorough vehicle inspection is carried out, this is what any charges would be based on.

Our top tips for this is to take as many photos as possible of the vehicle from every angle. Even use your video function on your smartphone to go around the vehicle. Be super critical about your car, that way you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Check your fuel level

One of the many areas that we hear about is fuel charges. If your contract stipulates, fill your car up to the level it was delivered on to prevent any further charges. It doesn’t take long to nip to the local fuel station and top the tank up.

Electric cars may differ with many providers asking for a fuel charge when the vehicle is returned or collected, you could be penalised with a charge and even waiting times.

Don’t overdo the mileage

If you have under estimated your mileage, you may be hit by an excess mileage charge. It is always best to keep an eye on your mileage during your contract, negotiating the mileage during a contract could work out cheaper than in the end.


There may be a slight chance that if you have damage on your vehicle it could be chargeable, avoid getting this repaired by a back street garage as you might result in being double billed. Sometimes it is best to send the vehicle back in the current condition, the subscription company will then itemise the chargeable damage and the amount due.

As we’ve added on the Collection and Return section, it is always best to take plenty of high-quality photos before and during the inspection. If you feel that you have been charged for something that wasn’t there, raise it with the company.

Not all damage can be spotted easily on the walkaround inspection, some dints and poor previous repairs are difficult to see and should get picked up on the final inspection.

Clean the Car

Although you may feel that you don’t own the car, it is important to look after it as though it is your own. Clean the car, this is particularly important when returning the vehicle.

Red car in an automatic car wash

If the car is returned in a dirty state, it will make the walkaround inspection difficult any missed damage will get picked up on the final inspection and therefore chargeable and you won’t have a leg to stand on if you want to dispute.

Have we missed anything?

If you feel that we have missed anything within this article, drop us a line. We’ll then update it with your information.

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