Question of the week: Can I get a car subscription with a foreign licence?

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One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is: Can I get a Car Subscription with a foreign licence? The answer in short is yes, but the keywords that you may need to do to find the right vehicle subscription service for you is: Expat Car Subscription

Expat Car Subscriptions

We have a number of specialist companies listed on our website that offer Expat Car Subscriptions, their professional teams have all of the software in place to be able to carry out the relevant checks to comply with UK laws and guidance.

Some of the companies can even carry out credit checks in your home country that they will use to grant you a line of credit to use on a car subscription or even a short-term car lease.

Are there higher charges?

This all depends on the company you use, but the majority of the companies will offer the same monthly rental as if you had a good UK credit score, but you may have to pay a higher joining fee and a refundable deposit is always a must by all of the providers.

Do they include insurance?

Not all of the expat car subscription companies offer inclusive insurance, there are pro’s and con’s to this. Generally taking a separate car subscription and insurance policy isn’t a bad move and helps build up your no claims bonus.

Long-Term Car Leases

As an Expat it might prove extremely difficult to get a traditional lease, so we wouldn’t recommend comparing the prices of these against vehicles on subscription.

The benefits of a subscription over a 2/3 year car lease is usually lower upfront payments, flexibility and the ability to change your car on a more regular basis. On top of this, traditional car leases do not include maintenance as standard.

What licences are accepted?

Again this is down to the subscription provider, but more information on subscriptions for Expat’s can be found on the button below.

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