What are the basic requirements for a Car Subscription?

What are the basic requirements for a Car Subscription?

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Every Car Subscription provider in the UK will have a different signing up process and this can become quite complicated. This is one of the reasons we created the website so you could compare vehicle subscription providers with ease.

Below we will cover the typical basic requirements to get a car subscription.


  • Minimum Age of 18-30 years old, depending on provider/vehicle
  • Maximum Age of 65-80 years old, insurance and supplier dependent
  • Credit Check Required
  • Full UK driving licence or EU driving licence, some providers provide specialist products for Expats.
  • No more than 3 points on your licence (down to the provider)
  • UK residential address
  • Proof of employment or income
  • UK Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card

Whilst not all of the providers will ask you to fall into the above criteria, it is important to make sure you are eligible before signing any order forms or contracts.

Some specialist car subscription providers might be able to help you if you have bad credit or no UK credit history, it is worth having a read on the company website for further details.

Top Tips

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

You’ll be signing into a contract, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to before committing to the vehicle.

Check all the Paperwork

Make sure you check all of the details on the paperwork before putting ink across the line. Check the price, the make/model of the vehicle and any other charges you need to be aware of.

Check the Return Conditions

Many of the reputable car subscription companies such as Cazoo and Cocoon Vehicles clearly state on their website what the return standards are. This is the condition you need to return the car in. Read them over a cup of coffee and find out what will happen if the kids spill their drinks on the seats or you leave dog hairs in the boot.

In Contract Charges

Again, these should be clearly displayed on the provider’s website, but almost all subscription companies levy charges for the processing of Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s), Speeding Tickets and Congestion Charge fines. Some may levy charges for late payments or bounced Direct Debits. Other charges for VE103B‘s for taking your car abroad and obtaining documents for parking permits may be applicable.

Car Subscription Comparisons

Use the car-subscriptions.co.uk website to compare car subscriptions from the many providers in the UK. Find out those who offer electric car subscriptions or inclusive insurance, check age restrictions and any sign-up fees.

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Patty is the content writer for Car-Subscriptions.co.uk and loves her cars and the automotive industry in general. She worked for large dealer groups in the United Kingdom and the USA specialising in high-end and premium vehicles. Her goal is to provide the most interesting information on the vehicle subscription industry.

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