What happens if I return my car with dog hairs and spilt drinks?

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We get asked quite a lot of questions regarding how car subscriptions work, so we thought we’d take a few of these and try and answer where possible.

Brian from London has asked: What happens if I return my car with dog hairs and spilt drinks from the kids, does the wear and tear conditions cover my family mishaps?

Our Answer

With most of the providers on our website, the companies will have standards in which you will need to return the car at the end of your subscription. Many follow the BVRLA Code of Conduct as these are short-term products but with many of the longer-term contracts, you may be covered by the BVRLA Fair, Wear and Tear guide.

With all companies, they ask you to clean your car so that at the end of the term a driver or assessor will go around your car and markdown any issues or damage that is present.

If your car is marked down as dirty, they will still take it away but a further in-depth assessment may reveal what might be lurking under the road dirt, spilt Coke and dog fluff.

If you leave the car dirty, you may be charged for a valet or even specialised cleaning if the car is really bad. Especially if the vehicle smells of the animals (not children) you may have had in the car.

Spilt drinks may stain the seats, again specialised cleaning maybe required and this can run into 3 figures depending on the car.

Before you send the car back

It is a really good idea before the car is collected to go around the vehicle and be supercritical. Have a look and see what the drivers may pick up, even if it’s a tiny scratch. Take plenty of photos and even videos.

If your car does need a clean, take it down to one of the many hand car wash or valet places dotted across the UK and pay for them to take care of it. If the stains don’t come out even after a thorough wash, you may have to take an additional charge on the chin.

Compare Car Subscriptions

Use our website to see all of the major car subscription providers in the UK. Use our website links to go on to their websites and delve into the return standards or terms and conditions. All of the good ones will display this without hiding them.

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