The Top 5 Car Subscription Providers for January 2022

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Happy New Year!

January stats have really boomed with 8690 unique visitors hitting the Car Subscriptions website a massive improvement over our numbers for December 2021.

The car subscription website is really making a difference to consumers and businesses looking at utilising flexible vehicle subscriptions as a new way of paying monthly for a car.

We’re working on some great developments for the website in 2022, this includes feeding the providers vehicles into our website so that you don’t have to go anywhere to find the right deals, we’re still at the early stages but we are having some great input from a couple of the companies listed on this site.

Most popular car subscription providers for January 2022

We’re still keeping the top 5 structures for reporting our numbers on these blog articles, please see the rankings below:

Top 5 Subscription Providers

  1. Cazoo
  2. Cocoon Vehicles
  3. Elmo
  4. Care by Volvo
  5. ONTO

The list above has been compiled based on the number of visits to each page as a unique visitor, in terms of click out’s to the providers website, please see the following list:

Top 5 Providers by Click Out’s

  1. Cazoo
  2. Care by Volvo
  3. Cocoon Vehicles
  4. ONTO
  5. Elmo

Latest Articles Published

Our website traffic has also been very popular due to our latest articles, so this month as a trial we have decided to list the top 5 articles for the month of January:

  1. Need a flexible car subscription quickly?
  2. Choosing an Electric or Hybrid Car Subscription
  3. Why choose an Electric or Hybrid car?
  4. Car Subscription Credit Checks
  5. Can you subscribe to a Van?

Have a read of our articles and use the contact form to suggest any topics you think we should cover, you can also listen to our articles by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Easily compare Subscription Providers

Use the car-subscriptions website to easily compare the various companies in the UK, find those who offer inclusive insurance or those that offer truly flexible car subscriptions. We also show a number of companies that now offer Van Subscriptions, click on the highlighted links to take a look.

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