What is Volvo Car Subscriptions?

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Care by Volvo Subscription Guide

The Vehicle Subscription Program for All Volvo Cars: Subscription

The Volvo Car Subscription service is one of the most popular vehicle subscriptions available. It gives you access to a range of Volvo cars that includes plugin hybrid and fully electric vehicles, as well as the rest of their range. This is a great option for people who want to have access to all models for a monthly fee without having the hassle of buying and selling used cars every month!


The new Volvo subscription service, By Volvo, is a brand-new membership program that allows customers to access a variety of new Volvos for a monthly charge. The XC40 SUV was the first model to offer the service in London, and it has now been rolled out across the country and on various models from the company’s lineup.

The company’s mission is to make life easier for clients by eliminating the hassles of vehicle ownership while also providing a variety of additional incentives. It’s similar to a mobile phone contract, where most of your expenses are lumped together in one amount.

Volvo will supply you with a new vehicle, cover routine services, cover any wear-and-tear repairs, pay for road tax and renew your MOT for a monthly fee. Replacement tires are also provided as part of the package should you have a puncture. Roadside Assistance is also included.

Care by Volvo

Pure Electric Vehicles

It is so easy to subscribe to a flexible car subscription from Volvo using this service and the range is ever-growing.

Currently, customers have access to the Volvo XC40 Recharge and the Volvo C40 Recharge, it really is an ideal solution to try an electric car before you fully commit. With no hidden costs and 3-months notice to change or cancel.

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