Volvo now only offers SUV’s

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Volvo only offers SUV in UK
Volvo V60 Parked outside a church surrounded by mourners

Volvo has become an SUV only brand after taking the decision to axe their Estate and Saloon models which include the Volvo V60, Volvo V90 and the Volvo S60. And whilst you can still order these models on their Care by Volvo program or purchase them, you will no longer be able to configure a new model.

Electric Focus

Volvo have also made statements to various automotive press sources, that it’s goal is to concentrate on the role out of going pure electric by 2030 and with the recent introduction of the Volvo EX30 and the Volvo EX90, the future is going to be really exciting.

Models Still Available

If you really want to order a Volvo V60, Volvo V90 or the Volvo S60, there are still models to purchase from Volvo’s website, you can also view these on our Volvo Showroom by clicking the link.

However, it is no longer possible to configure a new model and once the existing inventory has gone, it will be an SUV you’d need to choose if it is Volvo you want to stick with.

These include:

Care by Volvo

As a Car Subscription website, we don’t really need to go into detail about what Care by Volvo is, but as an OEM Vehicle Subscription provider, it does provider a few more benefits to those other multi-brand providers.

Read more about Care by Volvo using the button below.

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