Introducing the New Volvo EX30

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Volvo EX30 in Moss Yellow

What if we said to you that Volvo has launched it’s fastest accelerating car ever built? On top of that it has one of the lowest lifetime CO2 footprint of any of their cars. So let’s have a little look at the smallest pure electric car ever made by Volvo.


Hot off the back of the Volvo EX90, the EX30 is the smallest car Volvo has ever manufacturered and they are really pushing how green this car is with the smallest lifetime carbon footprint of any Volvo to date.

On top of this, they are really boasting the performance of this car with their top-of-the-range Twin Motor Performance vehicle accelerating from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds.

The car has almost adopted a Tesla Model 3/Y interior, being minimalist. No buttons on the doors, iPad style screen in the centre, no speedo and surprisingly, no speakers in the door. The latter has been replaced by a sound bar across the front of the dashboard.

Trim Levels

Volvo EX30 Exterior and Interior

In the UK, customers will be offered two trim levels; Plus and Ultra. Both provide a great level of standard features. Plus models include automatic LED Headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Climate Control and Heated Seats.

Upgrade to the Ultra and you add 360 degree camera, Park Pilot Assist, 20″ Alloy Wheels and a Panoramic Sunroof.


In the UK Plus models will have the option of the Single Motor, Single Motor Extended Range and the Twin Motor Performance.

Ultra vehicles will be available with the Single Moror Extended Range or the Twin Motor Performance.

The basic model available in the UK will be available from £33,795 to purchase with Care-by-Volvo Subscriptions starting at £579 per month.

Vehicle Range

  • Single Motor: 213.8 Miles
  • Single Motor Extended Range: 298.3 Miles
  • Twin Motor Performance: 285.8 Miles

Figures taken from Volvo’s website.


The interior is in-keeping with other Volvo car’s in the range. The main focal point being the large 12.3″ vertically mounted touchscreen that screams iPad. It runs Volvo’s Google-based systems with welcome familiarity with apps like Google Maps. The system is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but no word as yet on the next generation of the Apple CarPlay system.

As already mentioned, you won’t find any speakers in the door, instead, a soundbar that runs the full width of the dashboard. Just like the one you’ve probably got at home.

Strangely, they have centrally mounted the (large) glovebox (probably to give the passenger some leg space) and they have also included a large centre consoles with buttons that operate the electric windows.

As with all Volvo’s you can guarantee that safety is the number one priority with all of the systems to help prevent or predict any incidents that could occur.

Volvo Car Subscriptions

Care by Volvo is a popular subscription service on our website and you’ll find it super easy to get started.

Volvo offer 3-month and 36-month subscriptions and the service is worth checking out.

You can pre-order the Volvo EX30 today via their website: Care by Volvo

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