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As we have all found out over these last few months that our circumstances can change extremely quickly, from working from home to back to the office, not needing a car to need a car quickly, we’ve all been hit by Covid-19 in some way or another, without even catching it.

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Our website is being used by hundreds of people each week, with most of our clients now looking for physical vehicles that can be delivered quickly.

So we thought we’d use this article to give our readers details of vehicle subscription companies with physical stock in order for you to drive that shiny new brand new car for as long as you need.

Physical Vehicles

Here are the providers with physical stock available to be delivered:

Cazoo (Formally Drover)

Cazoo is showing 225 options from BMW through to Vauxhall. With Peugeot 108‘s available from just £249 per month when committing to 36 months (6 months from £379.00 per month). According to their website, these can be collected or delivered within a week from order.

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Our favourite car is the Pure Electric Mercedes EQA that starts at £729 per month when committing to 36 months but can be taken on a 6-month contract for £1029 per month

Drive Car Flex

Drive Car Flex is based in Leeds, has a great range of flexible car subscriptions available in physical stock. Whilst DCF tends to offer more premium brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, they do have some other interesting cars such as the Mercedes A Class and the BMW M4.

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Our favourite car currently on their website is the Polestar 2 starting from £995 plus VAT per month, this is the cheapest we have seen this car on a 90-day contract so far.


Flexed who are part of Autohorn in York, have quite a few vehicles showing as “in-stock,” these include the Kia Picanto to the Volvo XC60 with prices from £299 plus VAT per 28 days (13 payments per year).

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Our favourite car on their website has got to be the brand new Kia EV6 pure electric car, this is a beautiful looking car.

Care by Volvo

Who doesn’t love the new Volvo‘s? Care by Volvo is a fantastic manufacturer-backed scheme and you can custom order your preferred car be it an SUV or a Saloon/Estate. Whilst these can be built to your specification, the lead time is between 8 to 9 months.

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However, if you need something quick they have a range of cars that can be delivered within 4 to 5 weeks. These include the XC40 Recharge Plus, C40 Recharge Twin, XC90 Recharge R-Design and the XC60 R-Design. Just scroll down the vehicle listings to clearly see delivery lead times.


Elmo specialise in pure electric car subscriptions and they have a great range available in-stock including the Kia e-Niro 4 64kWh and the Polestar 2 Standard Range.

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Our favourite car on their website is the Honda e Advance from just £529 per month.

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

Cocoon is showing as having 125 vehicles in physical stock at the time of publishing, these include the amazing BMW M135i Hatchback that needs to be driven to see how good it is. For the executives, the BMW 318i M Sport ticks so many boxes but our favourite has got to be the Maserati Levante if you have got a premium budget.

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Electric cars are also available with the Polestar 2, Mercedes EQV and the MG MG5 Estate showing as in physical stock.

Mycardirect Ltd

This car subscription provider is showing a handful of cars available for immediate delivery, as well as commercial vehicles. The cheapest car subscription showing is the Fiat 500L Cross 7City from just £480.00 per month, the van is the Vauxhall Combo Cargo and comes with 1,600 miles per month for just £523.16. These both require 24-month commitments, but shorter terms are available.

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Our favourite car showing on Mycardirect Ltd is the Peugeot E-208 Hatchback and although this is a used car, it’s fantastic value for money on a 9-month commitment from just £621.60 per month. Some of the vehicles shown are also duplicated on Wagonex’s website.

Flexigo Cars

Flexigo car subscriptions have physical vehicles available ready to be delivered within a week, these include the plugin hybrid BMW X2 M Sport and the all-electric BMW iX3 Estate, available with just a 90-day commitment. If your looking for something sporty the BMW M4 Coupe with an Ultimate Pack is available from just £2754.00 per month.

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Our favourite car on the website has got to be the Volvo XC40 2.0 B4P R Design, this is a fantastic car and is available on a flexible car subscription from Flexigo in 2WD or AWD.

Sixt+ Car Subscriptions

Sixt+ have a great range of physical stock vehicles across their UK sites, whilst you can’t opt for a specific vehicle, you can choose the most ideal group of vehicles for your needs.

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Examples offered include the Kia Ceed Hatchback, The BMW 3 Series Saloon but our favourite car has got to be the Peugeot 208 Hatchback, fantastic car.

Compare Car Subscriptions

Whether you need a car quickly or you don’t mind waiting. Utilise the website to easily find a vehicle subscription provider in the UK that ticks all the boxes for you and/or your business. Easily find age restrictions, application fees or those that offer car subscriptions with fully inclusive insurance.


The information is correct as of the 21st January 2022, please click on the car subscription providers for up to date stock availability, prices and availability.

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