Overseas Visitors and Car Subscriptions

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If you’re an Overseas Visitor coming to the UK for work, University or family reasons, you may find it extremely difficult to get finance for a car lease. But have you considered a car subscription?

Car Subscriptions Overview

A car subscription is just like your Netflix subscription, by paying a monthly amount it opens up a flexible approach to effectively leasing a car, but without the long-term commitment.

Many of the vehicle subscription providers who offer services for Expats, offer flexible contracts, so the least you’ll be tied into is 30 days and with lower upfront costs than a traditional auto lease, you may never switch back.

What’s Included

Depending on the subscription supplier will depend on what is included with your monthly payment, but at the very least most providers will include:

  • Rental
  • Maintenance & Serviing
  • Road Fund Tax
  • Breakdown Assistance

Some of the providers even include fully comprehensive insurance, but exclusions do apply.

Who Offers Expat Car Subscriptions

More information can be found on the button below of which companies offer expat car subscriptions, but at the time of writing these include: Cocoon Vehicles, Flexigo, Flexed, Drive Car Flex and Short-Term Car Leasing Ltd.

Each company has its own application process, but they will all guide you step-by-step to help you get mobile in the UK.

More Information

If you need more information on Car Subscriptions for Expat and Overseas Visitors, please click on the button below. You can also complete the enquiry form at the base of this page.

Patty Atindehou

Patty is the content writer for Car-Subscriptions.co.uk and loves her cars and the automotive industry in general. She worked for large dealer groups in the United Kingdom and the USA specialising in high-end and premium vehicles. Her goal is to provide the most interesting information on the vehicle subscription industry.

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