Best Energy Tariff for EV’s

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Best Energy Supplier for EV

Let’s face it, running an Electric Car is much cheaper than traditional petrol or diesel-engined vehicle. But in order for you to make EV ownership beneficial, it is a good idea to make sure you’re on the right energy tariff.

Are the rates higher to charge an EV car?

It is very likely that your bills will rise once you’ve got that Electric Car plugged into your household electricity supply, saying that Energy Suppliers do not charge any more per kWh to charge your car.

This is why it is essential to make sure you’re on the best home energy tariff to suit your household and electric vehicle needs.

Do I need to tell my Energy Company I have an EV?

No, there is no need to tell your energy provider that you’ve now got an EV, but it might be a good idea to give them a bell and ask them if they have any specialist tariffs for customer who have an electric car.

Best Energy Suppliers for EV’s

We’ll cover a few of the energy providers who offer specialist EV tariffs below, please note that some of the links provided may be affiliate links and should you go ahead, we may be compensated if you should go ahead with the deal offered. Some may actually give you additional incentives.

Octopus Energy Referral Link

Octopus Energy

Our favourite of all of the Energy Suppliers is Octopus Energy, two simple tariffs for EV owners the first one is:

Octopus Go

A fantastic tariff for those who like to know the costs of charging their Electric Vehicle. Currently charging 7.5p between the hours of 12.30am and 4.30am so that you can set your car to top up it’s battery knowing how much the bill will be. Great rate at peak times just complete the online form to get a quote.

Octopus Agile

If you like taking risks, this energy tariff could be for you. Octopus Agile’s rates are based on wholesale prices. So when the rates fall, your tariff falls. Sometimes with Plunge Pricing, Octopus Energy actually pays you to charge your car and take excess energy off the National Grid.

Easy to use App to monitor prices and they even sending you text messages to inform you of the low rates. Even you are into your tech, you can even feed the tariff into your home devices using IFTTT.

Octopus Referral Code

If you change to Octopus Energy using our referral link below, you (and us) will both receive £50 off your first bill. If you are a business looking at changing you could receive up to £100.

British Gas

British Gas won’t leave UK consumers out when it comes to an EV tariff and they are currently offering a scheme called “Electric Drivers June 2022” – This tariff gives you access to cheaper energy between the hours of Midnight and 5am in the morning.

There are no exit fees and you can get a free smart meter so you can keep an eye on how much you have spent at a glance.

To access this tariff you will have to prove to British Gas that you have an EV and a home charger, you will also need to take Gas and Electricity from them.


E.On offer a fantastic tariff called E.On Charge, this energy tariff fixes your gas and electricity rates for 12 months and offers £30 cashback after 6 months.

E.On states that all of the energy comes from 100% renewable sources so you really can imagine you have green fluffy clouds come from the rear of your Electric Car.

You will need a smart meter installed by E.On and they may charge an exit fee of £30 if you decide to go elsewhere during your contract term

Shell Energy

You’ll be used to seeing the Shell Branding from all those years of filling up your old ICE car, but Shell isn’t to be dismissed when it comes to home energy tariffs for an EV.

They offer a great deal using 100% renewable energy and offering 2000 miles free charging over a 1 year period. The tariff is called Charge and Drive 2021 and you can do this online.

You will require a smart meter but they do offer other incentives such as home charger discounts. They do charge an exit fee if you leave before your contract period.


As well as a 100% renewable energy tariff for your home and special rates for charging your EV overnight. OVO are currently offering a free subscription to BP Pulse so you can rapid charge when your on the UK roads.

You may need to prove ownership or hand over a copy of your lease agreement before signing up with OVO, but the process is pretty simple and feedback from customers is excellent.

edf Energy

This French-owned energy company is no stranger to EV tariffs, offering two options under a brand called GoElectric.

The 35 allows off-peak charging at a great price and the 98 gives you half-price electricity over weekday evenings and all weekend.

You will require a smart meter installed and you’ll need an edf tariff to make the switch.

Compare Energy Providers

Many of the comparison sites offer an option for EV ownership, so it’s always a good place to start when deciding who to have your energy supply with. Use the link below to use MoneySupermarket Energy and before you go ahead with the quote provided, have a look at the Cashback sites such as Quidco to see if there is any additional pennies to be had.

Price Hikes

As it has been publically announced, all of the major energy firms have announced huge price rises so now is the time to find the right energy tariff for your home and your pure electric car.

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Post Published: September 16, 2021
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