Can you extend a Car Subscription?

Can you extend a Car Subscription?

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Whilst many customers will opt for a car subscription due to the flexibility and ability to return the car with little or no early termination charges, what about if you’ve already done your agreed term and want to extend it?

We reached out to a handful of suppliers who have come back to us with their answers:

Care by Volvo

If you opt for the 3-month option on a Care-by-Volvo Subscription, you are able to extend the vehicle until the supplier requests a return. Most vehicles can be kept up to 36-months.

Cocoon Vehicles

Most of the car subscriptions advertised are a “minimum qualifying period” of 90 days, after this time you can keep the car until you complete a returns form or the supplier asks for the vehicle back. A spokesman for Cocoon did say at the moment due to the chip shortage, requesting vehicles back is very rare.

Drive Car Flex

Drive Car Flex commented “If the vehicle is out on a flexible car subscription ,you can remain in the vehicle until you request a return or until the vehicle is 24 months old.”


Get in touch with the team to discuss extending your current subscription, in most cases this is possible.


If you take a flexible contract with Flexed, this can be extended on a case-by-case basis. A swap over may be requested by Flexed and you may not get the same vehicle make/model.


Most of the flexible contracts from Flexigo can be extended up to 12 months, anything longer than 12 months must be confirmed in writing by the customer service team.


With Pivotal, you take the vehicle initially for 6 months, but it can be returned after 3 months. Pivotal confirmed that most vehicles can be kept until the age of the vehicle hits 18 months.


As we get more replies back from the companies, we will endeavour to keep this page up to date.

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