Car Subscriptions for New Drivers

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Man in blue hoodie stood in front of a Yellow Ford Puma

We’ve already looked at how Car Subscriptions can be a convenient choice for 18 to 25-year-olds and due to their age the majority will be relatively new drivers. So today we thought we’d write this article and focus on new drivers, particularly those 18-plus who have just passed their driving test.

Man in blue hoodie stood in front of a Yellow Ford Puma

For many new drivers aged 18 and over, the prospect of owning a car is both thrilling and daunting. While the newfound freedom and mobility are exciting, the responsibilities and costs associated with car ownership can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there’s a modern solution gaining traction in the automotive world – car subscriptions. In this article, we’ll explore why car subscriptions are a practical and cost-effective option for new drivers aged 18 and above who have limited driving experience.

Insurance vs. Driving Experience

Many of the car subscription providers that bundle insurance into their monthly costs will have an age and driving experience clause. Many of these will only open to those 25 plus who have been driving for 2/3 years. This isn’t much help if you are 18 plus and you haven’t got the experience behind you.

There are providers who will accept you at the age of 18 and without any driving experience, but you will have to provide your own insurance which may prove costly. But the option is there and our handy partnership with QuoteZone can help you compare car subscription insurance providers in minutes.

Avoiding the Upfront Costs

New drivers can face significant hurdles when it comes to owning a car. Buying a new vehicle or committing to a long-term car lease can be financially burdensome, especially for those just starting their careers or still at college/university. Car Subscriptions typically require a lower upfront payment and an affordable, flexible alternative to traditional car ownership.

Flexible Commitments

For new drivers, the future can be uncertain. Whether it’s heading off to college, starting a new job or moving to a new city, life changes are frequent in the late teens and early twenties.

Car Subscriptions offer the flexibility needed to adapt to these changes. Rather than locking yourself into a long-term commitment, you can choose a subscription vehicle that suits your current needs and change it as your circumstances evolve.

Inclusive Costs

One of the most appealing apsects of a car subscription is the all-inclusive nature of the monthly fee. Subscriptions often include maintenance, servicing, breakdown assistance, road tax and usually warranty. It makes it easier to budget for your car-related expenses.

For new drivers who may not have established any credit history a car subscription is a great way to get a set of wheels with a cost that covers all of the motoring essentials.

Access to Modern Technology

With many of the latest cars having the latest tech and in some cases, over-the-air updates, car subscriptions gives you access to range of cars from a wide range of manufacturers. With flexibility of a car subscription, the opportunity to update your car on a regular basis is truly built-in.

Some of the car subscription providers also provide you with an app to manage your account and/or car.

Safety and Peace of Mind

As a new driver, concerns about safety and reliability often come hand-in-hand. Car Subscriptions providers usually maintain their vehicles to ensure they are in top condition with many of the companies providing brand new cars.

This helps give you peace of mind that you’re driving a safe and well-maintained car. Additionally with many including manufacturers warranty and breakdown assistance as standard in case of any issues.

Environmentally Friendly Options

For many young adults, environmental concerns is at the top of their agenda and they are concious about the vehicles they choose to drive. Many of the car subscription providers offer eco-friendly vehicle options including hybrid and electric cars.

Choosing a green vehicle can be a positive step towards reducing one’s carbon footprint, making it an attractive option for socially and environmentally aware new drivers.

Another great point is that a few of the car subscription providers actually pay to offset your carbon emissions or plant trees to help.


Car Subscriptions are transforming the way new drivers and those 18 plus approach personal transportation. These innovative subscription services provide a flexible, cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional car ownership or car leases, making it an ideal choice for those with limited driving experience.

Vehicle Subscriptions offer a way to enjoy the benefits of a car without the financial burdens and long-term commitments, car subscriptions are empowering new drivers to embrace their independence and navigate the road with confidence. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, car subscriptions and flexible car leases are becoming an increasingly appealing option for the next generation of drivers.

Car Insurance for Subscriptions

As a new driver or those who are just about 18 plus, the chances of getting a car subscription with insurance is low. But for those subscription providers that offer standalone vehicles where you are required to provide fully comprehensive insurance we want to make it easier to get affordable insurance quotes.

We’ve partnered with QuoteZone to help you compare car subscription insurance quotes from 110+ providers. Just click the link below to start obtaining quotes.

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