Does a Subscription work out cheaper than a long-term car rental?

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Long Term Car Hire

With Car Subscriptions becoming very popular, more and more business owners and individuals are turning to these programs to cover their short-term vehicle requirements.

Those who think old school still use daily rental companies to supply them with cars or vans over a longer period of time of 3, 6 or even 9 months. But can a car subscription actually work out cheaper?

We’re going to give you a few case studies supplied to us by a few of our vehicle subscription suppliers who are listed on this website.

Case Study 1

Mick imports opals from Australia 3 months of the year for trade fairs across the UK. He requires an estate car with 2,000 miles per month.

His usual car rental is from a reputable firm which he collects from Heathrow Airport. He pays £3321.72 per month including unlimited mileage and insurance (correct as of 27th April 2022).

Correct as of 27th April 2022

With one of our Vehicle Subscription companies, he subscribes to a BMW 3 Series Estate and pays £1078.80 inc VAT per month, this includes 2,000 miles per month. He has to provide his own insurance which cost £862.00 per year and has a cancellation fee of £50, over the 3 months this costs £265.50 to cover him fully comprehensive.

By using a flexible car subscription company Mick saves £6463.26 over the 3 months. If he opted for the Daily Rental companies SuperFlex contract, he could bring the price down including insurance to £1498 including VAT per month, yet the subscription works out cheaper.

Case Study 2

Jeannie has just started a new job and is on a 6-month probation period, she receives a car allowance but doesn’t want to commit to a 3-year car lease until she knows that the job is for her.

Using car subscription company 1, Jeannie can take a 71-plate Vauxhall Corsa for £379 per month with 1,000 miles per month, which is ample mileage. Insurance is included so she has only got to add petrol to the car.

Credit: Stellantis

If Jeannie were to take a long-term car rental, for a Fiat 500 for the same timeframe with unlimited mileage and insurance, Jeannie would be paying £880 per month. The positives of the long-term car hire are that should the job not work out sooner than she thinks, she could hand the car back without any penalties, whereas the subscription company would charge a £500 early termination charge.

Car Subscription company 2 is a flexible contract and costs £418.80 and includes 1250 miles per month, for this she would get a Toyota Aygo. Insurance is optional with the provider, but Jeannie could add her own policy for £940 per year with a £75 cancellation charge.

Long-Term Car Hire

There are pros and cons to using both the long-term car hire services offered by multi-national daily rental companies against car subscriptions offered by UK providers. Daily rentals are good for 1 week or 4 week hires, subscriptions can work out quite expensive over the timeframe.

Vehicle subscriptions come into their own when you look at periods of 3-months plus, especially 6-month periods. It is always best to shop the market place and you can easily do this using the website.


All figures quoted are based on taking comparative quotes on the 27th April 2022. We are not responsible for any errors or availability queries. The insurance quotes are based on the following:

Case Study 1 Insurance

55-year-old gentleman with an Australian Licence, no claims based on a letter from his overseas provider. He is in a rented property with road parking.

Case Study 2 Insurance

29 year old female, full UK licence for 3 years plus, 3 years no claims and no penalty points on her licence. She is a homeowner with a driveway.

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