Everything you need to know about Dashcams

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Since publishing our motoring services section, the Dashcam page has been one of the most popular items. Today more and more people have installed dashcams into their vehicles and their low prices nowadays, mean more and more people have access to these useful devices.

You never know when you may need footage from a dashcam, wheher it be for a road accident or even witness footage to an incident, you need to really consider having one fitted to your car. Some people use the footage from their day-to-day drives to publish on their YouTube channels to provide a side-income.

They may also help you with your insurance premiums or to prove who was actually at fault.

Let’s have a look at some of the most asked questions when it comes to Dashcams.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dashcam is a small video camera that can be mounted on your vehicle dashboard or windscreen. Depending on whether or not you have this professionally installed or you just place it on the glass can depend on the capability of the unit.

When some dashcams are hard wired, it may give you access to additional features such as recording whilst not in the vehicle.

Dashcams continuosly records the view of the road out of your windsreen, there is usually a button to press to save and protect the footage, should you witness any incidents.

A dashcam will save the video footage to either an internal memory source on the camera or more conveniently onto an SD card.

As the camera needs to record footage on a continious basis, it will overwrite when full, deleting the older content unless you protect it.

This all depends on the type of camera you have purchased.

Some of the higher-end models include features such as recording whilst the engine is off. This can help with those supermarket car park bumps.

The professional installer will fit the dashcam and hardwire the system into the vehicles wiring system.

Some insurance providers in the UK offer discounts for those who have a dashcam fitted. Discounts will vary from provider-to-provider.

You are not obliged to tell your insurance company that you have a dashcam fitted as this is not classed as a vehicle modification.

Many of the Police forces up and down the UK have websites where you can share your dashcam footage. There is also the National Dash Cam Safety Portal.

The process for downloading your footage will differ from model-to-model. If you have an SD card installed, the easiest way to access the videos is by taking the card out and placing it into your computer or tablet.

Some models offer Wi-Fi connection and some of the higher-end models include cellular connectivity which automatically uploads the content to a portal.

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