Monthly Car Subscriptions for the UK

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Monthly Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions are getting a lot of press at the moment and with the various different vehicle subscriptions out in the marketplace, comparing them can prove difficult.

Readers of this page are generally looking for a month-to-month car subscription without the commitment of 3/6 months or even 2 years, as offered by some of the larger companies.

So today we’re going to list for you the providers that offer monthly car subscriptions without the long-term commitment.

Monthly Car Subscription Providers

We’ll going to touch on the companies that offer 1 month as a minimum period for their subscription services as standard, all of these companies allow you to continue with the vehicle based on a rolling monthly contract.

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

Cocoon offers vehicles from 28 days and one of the best benefits with this company is that you can keep most of their vehicles for up to 12 months without the need to swap.


Visitors to our website love Elmo at the moment, with flexible 1-month subscriptions from Day 1, they do only offer Electric Vehicles at the moment so if you need an ICE, you will need to look elsewhere.


Flexed is part of Autohorn in York and has always offered a 28 day rolling contract with the option of insurance. They have a great choice of cars with most being in-stock ready to be delivered.


Flexigo cars offers a great range of cars from 1 month with lots of vehicles showing in physical stock, despite the chip shortage. Easy application service and quick turnaround.


Part of Lakeland Fleet Management, Flexirental offer a limited range of car subscriptions and short-term car leases from 1 month. No insurance option but can occasionally work out cheaper providing your own policy.

Mycardirect Ltd

A new subscription company to our website, but Mycardirect offer a 1 month contract on a wide variety of motors. Easy to arrange delivery and simple application service.

Drive Car Flex

With cars based in Leeds, Drive Car Flex is ideal if you need northern-based vehicles. Limited range from mainly the German brands, but the prices and set-up are relatively easy.


Another readers favourite; ONTO which offers Pure Electric Vehicles is a great car subscription provider with a simple signup process, free charging and insurance is included. From just 1 month.

Short Term Car Leasing Ltd

Whilst this company mainly specialises in Short-Term Car Leases, STCL also offer a great range of car subscription vehicles from 1 month, with physical stock available.

Compare Car Subscriptions

If you don’t mind signing into a longer-term contract, then companies such as Cazoo and Wagonex may prove to be the better option, but you can easily use our website to compare the various car subscription companies in the UK.

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