Can I subscribe to a car as an Expat?

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Coming to the UK and applying for credit applications can prove very frustrating, as most decisions will be automatically declined if you haven’t got a UK credit history.

Many foreigners come from overseas to work or retirement and expect to apply for a long-term car lease and are accepted as their credit score at home is satisfactory or excellent, but in most cases this isn’t transferable.

Why do Car Subscriptions Differ?

With a car subscription, although you will undertake what is known as a credit application, many of the providers have specialist departments that look after Expats and Overseas visitors, with the facilities to credit check you in your home country and verify your documents for work purposes in the UK.

Whilst you may have to jump through a few extra hoops to get accepted, car subscriptions are an ideal way to get mobile in the United Kingdom and they are also excellent for being a low cost set-up fees.

Will I have to pay refundable deposits?

In most cases, yes. You will have to provide a refundable deposit to the car subscription provider, this is for security but can be used for any excess mileage charges or damages when you return your car.

Some of the providers may also charge you a higher set-up charge or documentation fee, this will be to cover the additional systems they have in place to provide credit checking and paperwork.

Is a Car Subscription Worth It?

Yes, we believe a car subscription is an ideal way to run a vehicle in the UK as an Expat. Most providers offer a flexible option, ideal if there are doubts whether it will work out if you relocate to the UK.

With most providers all of the motoring essentials are included, this can be maintenance, servicing, warranty, breakdown assistance and road fund licence. In most cases all you need to provide is fully comprehensive insurance and the fuel or electric for the car.

Where do I start?

Starting to research a car subscription as an Expat is easy, you’re already on the right website. Just click on the button below and see our specialist section on Expat Car Subscriptions. Each provider has it’s own customer service team who can help you step-by-step on your journey.

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Post Published: July 26, 2021
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