Cazoo terminates customer subscriptions early

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Cazoo Terminates Subscriptions

Our enquiries team has received a high number of customers getting in touch to inform us that Cazoo is terminating their car subscriptions, despite many of them having a large balance of their contract left to see out.

Car Dealer Magazine has reported the same story with Cazoo giving customers 90 days’ notice to hand their car back. Customers have been given the option to return the cars to a Cazoo customer centre or pay for a collection.

Customer Feedback

The team have been assisting many of these customers and recommending providers listed on our website having spoken to many of these clients, who are understandably unhappy, many are shocked by the higher prices that other companies are promoting.

Cazoo Customer Robbie from Twickenham said “I was originally a Drover customer and renewed with Cazoo on a 36 month contract, I know its flexible but didn’t expect it to come to an end so soon.”

Another customer Ann has expressed her frustration with Cazoo expressing “Its alright taking a car off me in 3 months, but trying to replace this due to the high prices advertised elsewhere is going to prove difficult, especially with things like electricity and gas bills rising so quickly as well.”

Finally Mr Parry from Birmingham says “I went with Cazoo as I had bad credit, it was my only option, now I really don’t know what to do.”

Cazoo Lorry on the move

Industry Expert Feedback

We’ve spoken to a number of the providers who have their vehicle subscription businesses listed on the website to see what their take is.

An anonymous Operations Director reached out and said “It was envitable that Cazoo pulled out of the market, their prices were too cheap and a business really cannot keep subsidising the losses of the vehicles with funding rounds.”

Rhys Adams from Cocoon Vehicle said “Our sales team has seen an increased number of enquiries from ex-Cazoo customers and we will of course assist where we can, but our prices reflect the current market and whilst we adjust these on a regular basis, they are much higher than Cazoo’s but on the basis that we’re here to stay.”

How we can help

If you are a Cazoo customer who is looking for an alternative provider, we have already published an article called Cazoo Subscription Alternatives.

Since this article we have also launched our Car Subscription Deal section, you can also easily Compare Car Subscriptions.

If you do need help from our team, please do drop us a line using the ENQUIRY FORM below.

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