Getting a Car Subscription in Scotland

Getting a Car Subscription in Scotland

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Car Subscriptions are becoming extremely popular for business and consumers in the UK and offers a viable way of running a car without the headaches of traditional car ownerships or the commitments that come with car leasing or finance.

We don’t want the people of Scotland to miss out the benefits of a vehicle subscription and there are multiple companies that offer this flexible solution across the border. Some companies including Mycardirect Ltd even offer Free delivery to Scotland.

Flexibility Built-In

Many of the car subscription providers in the UK offer a truly flexible solution without having to commit to a fixed term. Companies such as Cocoon Vehicles and Flexed offer a month-to-month solution with the best prices guaranteed from month 1.

With a car subscription, you are able to run the contract until your circumstances change or you no longer have a requirement for a vehicle. They are particularly useful for Expat’s coming to the UK who need to get some wheels.

One Monthly Payment

One monthly payment covers all of the essentials including maintenance, servicing, warranty, roadside assistance and road tax. Some of the providers can even provide insurance.

Mileage allowances vary from one company to another, but easy optional mileage bolt-on’s are available to those who need to go the extra mile.

Latest Vehicles

By choosing a vehicle subscription, it allows you to access some of the latest vehicles available in the marketplace from a wide range of manufacturers. Some providers offer small superminis, some specialise in electric vehicles and companies such as Conduire aim for the premium/high-end range of cars.

Subscriptions also allow you to try a car for a longer period of time without committing to a purchase or long-term car lease.

More Information

We have a dedicated page for those businesses or consumers who are based in Scotland and would like to try a car subscription. Just click on the button below to find out more information.

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Post Published: July 7, 2023
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