Question of the Week: I’ve received a parking fine from ParkingEye, how do I contact them?

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This week’s question comes from Grant from Keighley; “I’ve recently been sent a legal letter from Direct Collections Bailiffs Limited about an unpaid ParkingEye fine which I never received. Direct Collections Balliffs has told me that I need to contact ParkingEye but unless I try and appeal the ticket, which has already passed its time, I cannot find any contact details for ParkingEye, can you help?”

Who is ParkingEye?

ParkingEye Limited is a British parking management and enforcement company that specialises in providing automated parking solutions for a wide range of clients, including retail establishments, hospitals, airports and property management companies.

Founded in 2004, the company has established itself as a leader in the field of parking management, leveraging advanced technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of parking facilities.

ParkingEye is known for its use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, which capture and monitor vehicle license plates to track parking duration and enforce parking regulations. This technology allows them to provide comprehensive parking services, including payment processing, permit management, and penalty charge notices.

The company’s services are designed to help property owners and managers optimize the use of their parking spaces while ensuring compliance with parking regulations. ParkingEye’s ANPR technology and software systems enable real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics, which can enhance security, customer experience, and revenue generation for their clients.

Over the years, ParkingEye Limited has earned a reputation for its commitment to delivering efficient and reliable parking management solutions, contributing to smoother and more organized parking operations in various sectors across the United Kingdom.

How do I contact ParkingEye?

Despite their professional set-up, it is very difficult to speak to anyone at ParkEye Ltd. Whilst they offer a telephone number this is to be used for paying your fine by credit or debit card, this number is 0330 555 4444.

We have found that the email address [email protected] is monitored by the staff, but replies are scarce.

The best way to contact ParkingEye is via post at: ParkingEye Ltd, PO Box 117, Blyth, NE24 9EJ. We would highly recommend sending any post recorded or special delivery.

ParkingEye also offer an Online Chat service, but this is slow and doesn’t work very well if you are doing it from your mobile phone.

Do I have to pay ParkingEye fines?

Wherever possible, it is always worth appealing your ParkingEye fine especially if you feel that the fine was incorrectly issued.

Never pay your fine if you intend on appealing. But you must appeal within 28 days and provide evidence on why you believe your fine should be cancelled.

How do I appeal a ParkingEye fine?

We’d always recommend appealing your fine with ParkingEye by post but this can also be done online, so long as you are within the 28 days. If you send your appeal via post, always send this recorded delivery or special delivery.

Grounds for appealing a ParkingEye fine

You could have grounds to appeal a ParkingEye fine, these include:

Always provide ParkingEye with as much information and proof as possible to back up your claim.

What happens if I lose my ParkingEye fine appeal?

Don’t fret, if you lose your appeal with ParkingEye you can take it to an Independent Appeal Service, in this case POPLA.

This must be done with 28 dyas of your appeal being rejected. The operator will review your claim and make a decision one way or another.

As with the appeal to ParkingEye, you must provide them with the evidence to back your claim.

If POPLA dimiss your appeal thne this is no further action that can be taken and you must pay the fine within 28 days.

If you do not pay the fine, ParkingEye will take further action and could pass your fine to a debt collection agency such as Direct Collections Baliffs Ltd. Worst case is that court action could be taken.

If POPLA agree with your claim, you will not have to pay ParkingEye and they must cancel the fine.

It is important to note that the POPLA decision is final and binding to both parties.

Can ParkingEye take further legal action against me?

Yes, if you have followed the above and POPLA have ruled in the favour of ParkingEye and you do not settle your fine, ParkingEye could take you to court which could result in a County Court Judgement (CCJ).

If you get a CCJ this will have a negative effect on your credit score and will harm your chances of getting credit for a car, mobile phone or house in the future.

I didn't receive the original fine, what can I do?

Under normal circumstances, ParkingEye will send multiple reminders to your address. The chances of this getting in the post several times is unlikely.

But as we can see in Grant’s case, the parking fine was sent to an old address in a multiple occupancy building. In your case you could contact both ParkingEye and Direct Collection Baliffs about putting the action on hold and explaining the circumstances.

I've had to pay the subscription company an admin fee for the fine

Yes, almost all car subscription and car lease providers will charge an admin fee for processing fines. There is a lot of work involved in doing this and even the vehicle subscription company may also have to pay an admin fee.

If you have received a fine that has been cancelled, we would suggest contacting the parking company and asking for a contribution. If the parking fine has been issued in error, then you have stronger grounds to take legal action against the parking firm to get your admin fee back.

Car subscription providers are under no obligation to refund any administration fines for incorrectly issued tickets or fines.

What is ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) serves as a pivotal tool utilized not only by car park management firms like ParkingEye but also by law enforcement agencies to document instances of parking violations and traffic transgressions.

This technology captures the vehicle’s license plate and its corresponding location, enabling authorities to initiate action against an alleged offender. In the case of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), a certified operator such as ParkingEye accesses the pertinent data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Subsequently, the operator dispatches the parking penalty to the registered address of the vehicle’s owner, as their contact information is securely maintained by the DVLA.


By using the enquiry form on this page, you are not contacting Parking Eye. Please use the details above to get-in-touch with them.

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