October 2023 Most Popular UK Car Subscription Providers

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Audi A4 Avant in Yellow parked in the Peak District

In October 2023, we saw 6,826 visitors to the Car-Subscriptions.co.uk website with our most popular section now being our Car Subscription Deals page, followed by the Compare Providers page. We also had a number of ONTO subscribers coming to our website looking for alternative providers.

Feedback from some of the providers is very positive with Drive Fuze receiving one of the best starts after publishing of their provider page compared to other companies listed on this website.

Audi A4 Avant in Yellow parked in the Peak District

Most Popular Subscription Providers for October 2023

The figures below are taken from Google Analytics whereas the older numbers on the website were taken from an internal system, that we didn’t feel reflected the correct numbers.

Cazoo and ONTO have been excluded from the figures below as they no longer offer car subscriptions, we have also excluded Leaseplan on this occasions based on reader feedback.

Disclaimer: *sponsored content.

Click-Outs for October 2023

The numbers below are based on the number of click-outs to external links from the providers page, this excludes the car subscription deals section and/or any advertising banners.

Cazoo and ONTO have been excluded from the click-out chart as they no longer offer car subscriptions. Leaseplan has also been excluded based on reader feedback.

Disclaimer: Cazoo  and ONTO would have been in this chart for October 2023.
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We’ve seen a record number of enquiries to our website in October, this is mainly due to the collapse of ONTO into administration. We have also seen an increase of readers subscribing to our email marketing lists, which we still do not use.

Drive Fuze has made an amazing start and we have also seen numbers increase for the premium car subscription provider; Conduire.

Volvo’s viewing numbers have been nice and steady, especially since the introduction of the Volvo EX30 which we are super excited about.

Our Car Insurance Comparison tool has also been really popular and we are hoping to roll this out to include van’s, fleets and campervans in the not to distant future.

Patty Atindehou

Patty is the content writer for Car-Subscriptions.co.uk and loves her cars and the automotive industry in general. She worked for large dealer groups in the United Kingdom and the USA specialising in high-end and premium vehicles. Her goal is to provide the most interesting information on the vehicle subscription industry.

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